The Mystery of the Monastery

The special agents had been sent to the creepy old monastery out in nowhereville in order to find out just what the hell was going on. Reports had been made of disappearing tranny nuns as well as other strange going ons, and yet the few people that had been to the monastery and returned alive were very unwilling to speak, almost mute. It was clear something wierd was going on.. The super shemale agents had snuck into the monastery seemingly unnoticed and at first everything seemed in order as they passed several dormitories to find the large breasted trans nuns sleeping peacefully in their beds, but that was until they heard screams coming from the room at the end of the corridor. The noise was getting louder as they reached the corridor, it sounded like large pumping piston machines were hammering away as they could hear shemales screaming with a strange mix of sadistic pleasure and pain. As the tranny agents turned the corner they were caught, ambushed by the chief hung nun and her ladyboy henchmen. Dragged into the milking room the agents were finally about to see what the noise was and what was going on.. They were stripped naked, strapped to chairs and had machine parts attached to their bodies. Their balls were tied tight, clamps were placed on their nipples and large monster plugs inserted into their assess, but most importantly large cock shaped probes attached to tubes leading to the main machine were forcefully inserted into the heads of their hard penises and the pumps were turned on..

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