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Sexy femboy New engages in mutual masturbation and gaping! New takes off her girlfriend dress and slides down her white panties. New is naked, wearing only high heels as she strokes her thick cock for you. New licks a buttplug and uses it to gape her pretty ladyboy ass. New strokes her long thick cock while watching you masturbate. See her spurt her load then you cum all over her pulsating sexhole.

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Bella Rossi and her HUGE natural tits, suffer Category 5 suspension, and brutal face fucking

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Bella Rossi and her amazing monster breasts are back on Sexually Broken. Bella is beautiful, tough and the type of girl who gets wet at just the thought of being bound, dominated and fucked. If you’re a fan of All Natural Girls, Bella is exactly what you’re looking for.

Right off the bat you’ll notice that Bella has a huge mouth! We put that mouth to good use. First she’s made to lock her own jaw wide open with largest ring gag we have. Then she’s told to put on the Japanese tongue trap, and like a good little bondage slut, she obeys, trapping her tongue outside her mouth.

The drool starts to come now, dripping down her killer body. Handcuffs click on her wrists from behind and now Bella is helpless.

We start with a nice and slow throat fucking that builds in intensity. The ring gag holds her purty mouth open, the trap prevents her from using her tongue as a block. The cock can slide all the way down her throat at will, and does. Bella takes a skull fucking like no other. We go to town, she breaths when we let her, we fuck her face deep and hard.

Covered in drool and dizzy from the extreem deep throat cock sucking, we make Bella strip for us while still bound. We come in with rope and tightly bind bells elbows and wrists. Next we take those huge boobs, and bind them with cruel intent, one of the tightest breast wraps we have ever done. Punishingly tight, Bella suffers, this is the tightest she has ever had her tits bound. We pull down her panties, her pussy is soaking wet. The vibrator is set on high and we make Bella cum while standing right there! She cums again and we know we own her sexually.

Those huge tits! We just want to punish them, we bind her ankles and pull them to the point. Now Bella finds herself in a brutal Category 5 suspension with her tits taking most of the weight. All she can do is hang there, looking at her huge boobs, bound, distorted and helpless. It really tough being so fucking sexy it seems…

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Hentai chicks are ropes and pain

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Now here is a hot Japanese cartoon chick who is all bound in ropes. I wonder how she got like that. In fact, most of the sluts in this gallery are all cartoon babes and all bound in tight ropes! They have them wrapped around their boobs, waist, hips, and legs and even their arms! Some have them wrapped around their boobs too! You will find all kinds of horny Hentai girls, even some with green hair and greet nipples, and this one in particular even has a rope that runs between her legs, between her pussy lips, rubbing on her cartoon clit.

Another pink haired babe has her arms tied in the air and her fit are bound by rope and she has them sticking straight up in the air. There is another horny babe with purple hair who is in a brick room, with her arms tied behind her back and her thighs are rubbing together and tied together. She can squeeze them together and masturbate in a way, and make her pussy cum still. She will be stuck in that room for quite some time, that is for sure! She is not going anywhere all tied up like that, except for to cartoon fantasy land!

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Submissive Heart

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I want one… A Jandi Lin that is. That’s how much this dark haired vixen impressed me. I want one of my own. Sexy, very submissive, and brainy. No vapid bimbo here. There is nothing sexier than a woman that says “yes” and know’s what she’s saying. Jandi says “yes” to all, bondage that is tight and restrictive, pussy clamps, nipple torment, flogging and caning, orgasm denial games and has some great earth shattering orgasms. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her just as much as I did.

Holiday Bonus

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Iona Grace is playing the prisoner in the Infernal Restraints Holiday Special. PD and Claire Adams are going to help get her into character. She needs to know what it feels like to be helpless. She needs to know what kind of discipline she faces if she steps out of line. Locked into the frame she is just a wriggling target for them to take out their aggression on.

The Objectification of Dani Daniels

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Big Tits, Big Ass, Hot Pussy and a gorgeous face wrapped in Latex. Let’s take Dani Daniels apart piece by piece:

Tits: First we cover her in latex and strap her to the Whipping Post to fetishize those gorgeous, big natural tits.

Mouth: Next on her knees if you please, with a Sybian strapped between her shimmering thighs and a hard cock in her mouth.

Ass: Bent over in a ass-less latex skirt to reveal and play with a perfect heart shaped ass.

Pussy: On her back for a hard pussy fucking finished off with a deep cream pie come shot, spoon fed to our little fetish princess.


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Naughty Waitress Takes her Payment in Cock in an Interracial Gangbang!

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Jodi Taylor is not interested in just a tip. When her boss offers her a bonus for her excellent service, she asks for more than money. She wants to be humiliated, taken down, and fucked by her favorite customers in the interracial gangbang of her dreams! Lucky for this dirty whore, the fellas are eager to provide. After taunting her in the bar, they make sure she knows her place by feeding her water and making her squat and piss on the floor. Once the bitch is ready to submit they mercilessly fill all her holes until she can’t help but cum all over their rock hard cocks. Rough sex, water play, pissing, DP, sensory deprivation, choking, throat fucking, corporeal, & bukkake!


Hot French Girl Fucked Hard By Machines in Her Pussy and Ass

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Jessie Volt is a super star – not a porn star – but a super star. She is incredibly hot, vocal, sexy and totally blown away by machine fucking. It’s like watching a girl win the lottery every 8 minutes. She falls off the Sybian from cumming so hard. We can’t catch her in time, so there she is on the floor in a happy french cursing puddle. Once she recovers, Jessie says to us in that sexy french accent, “it was the biggest orgasm of my life”.

“The French Connection” – -Countdown to Relaunch – 4 of 20

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Cecilia Vega comes to America and surrendering is not an option.

Cecilia is strapped down, single tailed until the pain brings sweat, and made to cum so hard it brings tears. Leaking out of every hole, she suffers on. Hot wax, more orgasms and still, she suffers on.

Rigidly bound onto a sybian, no hope for escape, no hope for respite, made to edure nonstop excruciating pleasure as the eyes roll back and the body continues to leak, until there is nothing left but honesty.


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Gaia is a cock slut, she loves it. She is truly addicted to the dick. A nymphomaniac that got into the industry to have better access to the top shelf cock she so strongly craves, Gaia is here today to get completely destroyed as only Sexuallybroken can deliver. This Asian sex doll is going to get her brains fucked right out of her pretty little skull.

The set up is simple, but simple is all you need. Hands cuffed behind the back and a hood is all it takes to make someone completely helpless. Tottering on her heels, Gaia can not see or anticipate a thing. We walk right up with a hard dick and put those cuffed hands to use. Gaia eagerly grasps the cock, anxious to get her full lips wrapped around it. We are nothing if not generous, and we remove the hood and drop her to her slutty little knees. She knows her place and opens up wide, a gleam in her eyes.

It is on. We have free and unfettered access to both ends of this big titted sex addict, and we make full use of it. Gaia is skullfucked without mercy as the drool pours out of her mouth and runs down her body. Her love of deepthroat is not false advertising, she takes every inch to the base, nose on the belly and tongue on the balls, a greedy grin dancing on her face. Her makeup and hair is quickly destroyed, those porn star looks slide off to reveal the animal underneath. Back and forth we flip her, using her cunt and face as we so desire. She cums repeatedly, helplessly, uncontrollably. The cock owns every inch of her.

Adding the vibrator in and fingerblasting yet more orgasms out of that pounded pussy, Gaia is destroyed. She is reduced to a mewling, drool covered undone puddle of flesh that can not even sit up straight. it is a good look on her. We leave her dazed and swooning, covered in her own cum. This is what getting hit by the cock truck looks like.


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Killing the Machines with Pussy SQUIRT: Cytherea and Dylan Ryan

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It’s all wet everything today -machines, white clothes, crew, camera, the girls, the set the walls, the ceiling. Nothing is left dry in this incredible squirting shoot. FuckingMachines can take the ladies where their pussies only dream of going and today we take two famous squirtings into Squirtland and let them fill the rivers until they burst the dam! Dylan covers Cytherea in her cum and Cytherea – a.k.a The Queen of Squirt – returns the cum shot with a blast of her own. Back and forth in a near hour long shoot with minimal edits so you get all the action as though you were watching live.

The Pain and the Pleasure

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Introducing the very cute and sexy Yhivi in her first SAS shoot. She likes to be used and she likes it rough! Bill Bailey gives her a good dose of pain and pleasure with tight bondage, nipple clamps, mouth gags, vibrator and flogging. With wet and sloppy deep throating, hardcore fucking and over the top orgasms. Thank you sir.


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Muscular MILF Simone Sonay Pounded with Pleasure

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Simone Sonay is just how she describes in the interview. Tough, wanting to push herself, wanting to connect, and wants to cum and cum and cum. In scene 1, she is subjected to one of Claire’s favorite punishments, inverted push ups. Again and again she struggles to reach the top at the urge of the tazapper and rewarded with a crotch rope and heavy bowling ball to dig that rope deep into her cunt. In scene 2, she is challenged with a strenuous hip flexor position. With her legs wide open, her holes are taken advantage of and many orgasms are milked out of her fuck hole. In scene 3, she is bound in a precarious predicament with her breasts tied to her thighs and she is made to balance on her knees. Mouse traps are applied to her nipples and a thick cock rammed up her cunt that she cannot escape from. In scene 4, Simone is spread wide, legs almost in a complete straddle split with arms in strappdo. There is no way for her to move… at all. Claire takes the advantage and uses her… thoroughly… squeezing her for every last drop of cum this horny MILF has.

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Beer is a true Asian bang babe. She came to us begging for some RAW cock, and we never turn down a desperate tranny slut at Ladyboy Goo, especially not when she’s got a rack and crack as tasty as this bitch. Beer couldn’t wait to get our guy inside here. We flipped, sucked, banged and fucked her like a $10 whore needing a score. Beer took every hard inch of that meaty cock, getting rewarded with a throbbing sore ass, oozing with brown spunky GOO!

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CutiesGalore presents Olivia

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Just look at the face of Olivia! Look at that beautiful smile! I know what you are thinking! No, I don’t mean that you would like to stick you cock down her throat until you cum into her mouth – no, not that one, c’mon!!! I mean the one when you admire her body, her sweet face, her freshness, how nubile she is, how young… ah, fuck it, I just want to stick my dick into her mouth and cum on that face… Especially after watching this video, seeing the little slut pleasuring herself with all her sexy toys.

Hung King of the Hill

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Naughty four-eyed milf Peggy Hill is undoubtedly one of the hottest cartoon mommies you can only think of! Even though she appears to be so nice in King of the Hill TV series, here you will see how slutty she actually is!

Alright, she’s taking Hank’s dick in her hot pussy, which is something you could expect from her but… What about seeing Dale Gribble join in and help Hank work his bitch’s juicy squelching holes out?

Roommates with Benefits

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Bianca and Wenona have been roommates for about a year. They met while working at a huge department store. Living and working together has its advantages and they can come home from a long day and bitch together over wine. Except tonight for the first time, instead of complaining, they decide to work off their frustrations a different way.

Bianca takes Wenona’s pretty mouth and slips it over her hard cock. She tells Wenona to finger fuck her pussy the exact same way she is shoving her cock in her mouth. Fast, slow, deep – exactly the same. Wenona’s pussy begins to make loud slippery sounds and Bianca knows she is ready for her cock. The fucking is intense and takes advantage of Bianca’s stiff cock and Wenona’s flexible body. The night of fucking ends while Wenona taking Bianca’s creamy load.


Isis Love Takes Revenge on Gorgeous Debutante Runway Model

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Former runway model Ana Foxxx is a debutante whose lavish lifestyle has always been a slap in the face to her neighbor, Isis. Now Isis is ready to slap back. She ties Ana up and humiliates her, stealing her crown, sliding up her expensive gown and shocking and fingering her innocent cunt. Ana is tickled by the electricity and turned on by the mix of pain and pleasure, cumming despite herself. Isis gets Ana in doggy and fucks her hard with the samurai, before filling her juicy cunt with an electro plug. Isis rubs her pussy all over this beautiful girl’s face, cums hard, and makes her lick it up. She then suspends Ana in heavy bondage with sticky pads attached to her abs and conductive rubber loops shocking the arches of her feet. She strap-on fucks her until this debutante can no longer make any claims at virginity, and zaps her all over before leaving her there, panting and heaving and sweating all over those perfect model curves.


Hot Girl Alert – The incredible Rilynn Rae fucked

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This week Rilynn Rae fucked, last week Bailey Blue fucked – we may be under attack from Planet Hot Girl. This probably means that our brains are going to be sucked out and it’s the end of humanity. Well, if Rilynn and Bailey are brain aliens, so be it. We can go out happy.

Rilynn stretches her long perfect body out and let’s the machines attack her pussy. She sitting, lying, and standing – every which way she looks perfect and her orgasms leave her screaming – “I love FuckingMachines”. It’s mutual. Go ahead, snatch our bodies now since it doesn’t get much better than watching over an hour of Rilynn Rae getting nailed.


Drink Up

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You’ve got to be careful who you talk to in bars late at night. There have been a lot of cases of date rape and spiked drinks lately, but I always figured, who’s going to want to rape a 6 foot 3, masculine guy?! Well I’ve been eating my words since last Thursday night. I was sat in Sam’s place, a quiet dirty bar just on the wrong side of town, but they mixed a mean Martini and I had a good habit of picking up a slutty chick every now and then.. I was sat next to this red head. She had that femme fatal look and was paying me a lot of attention. I never thought to keep an eye on my drink, she had a low cut top and a dirty smile, you know I had just one thing on my mind.. And wouldn’t you know it, she blew me out. Not even a phone number! But she did give me this cheeky smile as she walked out, leaving me drunk and horny.. Several drinks later and I’m back in my room, still carrying the wine bottle, with a hard on that nearly broke the door down before I could unlock it. That’s when I started feeling ‘funny’. It’s not unusual for me to be laying on my bed with a huge hard-on, but with a pair of jumbo lady tits on my chest and some long soft girl legs, I knew I’d been duped! The first thing I should have done was called a doctor, but I was still feeling hard and horny, and to see my hot feminine figure in the mirror just made me want to fuck, but fuck myself! I grabbed the only cock size object I could and started frigging my tight ass pussy with the wine bottle. I was fucking myself harder and deeper with every pump and before I knew it there was cold wine pouring out of my stretched ass, and warm spunk spurting out of my stiff cock. Maybe I’ll stay in more often now!

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Anal training of Suzanna Scott

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Time to check the flexibility of Suzanna Scott’s tight little asshole, just like she loves. You know, Suzanna made a little mistake to share her secret with us about her fetish of anal love. We were naughty and we decided to surprise the girl on her weakest side, in a way she cannot resist. Here it comes.


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This is not so much about Emily Marilyn as it is just about her body. About all of the wonderful shapes Claire Adams can twist it into and all of the perverse ways she can violate it. It has nothing to do with the mind or soul that are inside. Claire does not care about her hopes and dreams. This is only about Emily and her beautiful body and the sick things that Claire can make it do.

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Lizzie entertains herself with texting to her friends, while Dima reads his magazine. But after a time Lizzie get bored and wonders how to get the boy’s attention. She tries a neat trick, dropping her clothes and continue to text that way. The bait works like a charm, and soon the lazy afternoon turns into a fantastic ass fucking session.


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Yui in epic hardcore!

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Hubba Hubba! You know it’s gonna be a good weekend when it begins with a blistering hardcore featuring the lovely Yui Kawai getting topped from her lucky guy! Yui delivers an awesome performance – the scene beginning with some hot and sloppy mutual sucking before she is manhandled and her ass-pussy is penetrated to perfection! We love you-Yui!


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