CutiesGalore presents Seren

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Our newest cutie, Seren, is really bold and brave. We thought that she will show us her cute, naked body and maybe play in front of the camera, but her show far exceeded our expectations. The pretty young hottie went all out, and instead simply playing with a dildo, she fist her tight asshole wrist deep and spread an awesome gaping hole for us. Amazing girl!

Rain DeGrey -Countdown to Relaunch – 11 of 20

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Rain Degrey can take the pain. She goes to a happy place inside and can deal with almost anything you can throw at her. So how do you make this tough girl cry?

We found out. You severely bind her in metal so she is trapped on a Sybian. Then you rip orgasm after orgasm out of her body until there is nothing left, no thought process, no cognitive thinking, no sense of self, only survival. The lungs fill with air, the heart continues to pump blood. The pleasure/pain of the pleasure is an overload of the senses.

Rain is reduced, she is broken, her brain is offline, she is gone. She knows she can’t stop it. Somewhere deep inside the horror, in that one moment of total hopelessness, fear manifests itself into tears, a cry for help, the mind reaching for mercy when the brain can’t form recognizable speech in it’s defense.


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Hot Mamacita Craves Cock

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Allow us to introduce you to Magdalena Lopez. This exotic plumper babe hails from Mexico. She loves the taste of hard cock and is no stranger to facials and swallowing thick loads. Yes, the hot mamacita does it all and does it well. So take a little tropical vacation… BBW style. Watch Magdalena get her taco stuffed while she talks some hot sounding, Spanish shit. This spicy Latina has a big, round, brown booty and she knows how to use it. Click and watch her eat his cum like its sour cream. Ay, mami!

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Cops. Part 2: Sex-Arrest!

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Officer Glen Anderson’s actions concerning three detained drunken women lead to an uneasy situation which can not be resolved without some assistance. Officer Glen Anderson takes the violators to the police station, where his partner, Officer Joseph Coleman, arrests the suspects. As a consequence another spicy story takes a place.


First, when three worthless “students” suddenly came to Sandra’s house one by one, she didn’t really know what to do with them – they all were so stupid! But then Sandra found a way to educate them, using one of the students as visual aid and performing an object-lesson of sex!

Hot Blonde Babe Vicky Vee in… She wants to play

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Vicky Vee is like the perfect girlfriend: she’s gorgeous, tall, busty, shaved, loves video games and makes her man a sandwich after they fuck. Let them tell you: “Hi everyone! So I like to lounge around the house naked and play video games on the weekend and sometimes my boyfriend wants to do stuff. So I let him touch me while I play. There’s something about getting fondled while I play video games drives me crazy! More inside!

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Under Control

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Odette Delacroix spends so much of her daily life being in control that she views bondage as a means of letting go. It’s beautifully relaxing to lose herself in the way the ropes hold her. She has been working as a model for rope bondage and suspensions, getting her fix that way, but she came to me looking for something a bit more intense and fulfilling.

She is the kind of girl that dreams of giving herself up to someone powerful enough to take command. Tight bondage makes her pussy wet. She came here looking to cum and I have to admit, I want to see it, too. She doesn’t disappoint. With my vibrator pressed against her clit Odette has a rocking orgasm that makes her lose control of her body. And it won’t be the most intense or the last one that she experiences today.

Double penetrated with dildos Odette is as full as she has ever been. Her holes hungrily swallowed the rubber intrusions. The feeling is pure ecstasy. The confinement, the fullness, the vibrator against her most sensitive parts; it’s all overwhelming. Her pussy is soaking wet and she is screaming through the panties stuffed in her mouth.

It doesn’t end just because she is finished. The celebrator is a powerful little toy, but it’s by no means the strongest one I’ve got. The hitachi is the most powerful hand held vibrator on the market and it is more than enough to get a few screams out of Odette. She doesn’t consider herself much of a masochist but she has no problem achieving multiple orgasms through the pain of multiple clamps all over her body. For a girl who doesn’t think of pain as part of her sexual fantasies she is really getting off to it.


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Alex was all alone in his apartment surfing the Internet when he suddenly came across a very unusual and tempting offer… Two amazingly hot girls got very lonely and coincidentally happened to live in the same town with Alex! The scheduled jerk-off session had to be postponed – such cute asses shouldn’t be unattended when there is a young stud like Alex looking for some fun!

Not being very experienced in relationships, Alex bought some flowers and summoned all his courage – the girls looked so hot he was afraid their first meeting would leave him speechless. He was welcomed by Roxie – a sexy brunette with lustful eyes who later introduced him to her cute blonde friend Sandra. Everything seemed to be going as planned when Alex suddenly learnt the kinky secret of Sandra and Roxie… Join here for exclusive 3D porn!

Mistress of Her Dreams

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Chary has a returning dream. She is standing in the darkness, almost naked, somehow afraid but still aroused, when her clothes drop and snaky ropes slide around her body, trapping her in a cobweb. She cannot move, and she is served to the passions of the Mistress Who Comes from the Darkness. And this Mistress uses her, fucks her, tortures her, and makes her to a slut each and every night.

Anal Training of Jessy Black

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Jessy is a daring girl, with her boyish hairstyle, with her excessive personality, and her boundless love for anal sex. She loves when someone bombs her ass into a gaping hole, and that lucky bastard will be Serge this time. It is not easy to fulfill Jessy’s anal appetite, but Serge does his best to satisfy the horny girl.

More than just friends

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Willa and Ashley hang out all the time and everyone thinks they are best friends. Well, they are, but they are more than just friends. It started with a look and a touch but now they just can’t keep their hands off each other every time they are alone! Watch these two cuties in another lesbian loving adventure, with the end station: pleasure!

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3-Hole Testing

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Gorgeous, Hungarian Maria really needs this job and she’s willing to do anything to keep it. Bitch-Boss Audrey makes her an offer; she can keep her job, if she’s willing to become the “entertainment” for traveling male executives. This offer requires a lot of sexual testing. Audrey must make sure slutty Maria can take it all, from bondage, to pain to being fucked in all 3 holes. From an ass hook, to analingus to a tight hogtie Maria does her best to be the best sex slave possible. She makes her pussy, mouth and asshole all available to be fucked, cumming hard several times as she experiences a very new kind of sex!

Mature Romance

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The reason Betty tends to hang out with older women is the maturity of their relationship. An older lover doesn’t whine, knows what she wants, and can handle an affair like this on its place. And, to be fully honest, a mature woman knows her way around another female’s body better than a young slut. That’s as good reason as any.

Love All Pt 1

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Carol was already waiting in the club house when Sue turned up for their tennis lesson. They were both early and due to the intense heat they were both wearing skimpy tennis clothes. So skimpy in fact neither of the girls were sporting panties, and Sue couldn’t stop starring at Carol’s butt every time she bent over or her skirt raised an inch. Carol had noticed Sue’s erection peeking out of her short skirt and she immediately knew Sue was horny and wanting to fuck. Carol didn’t want to disappoint her and she lift her skirt and grabbed the back of Sue’s head, forcing her to suck down hard and deep on her cock.. They were soon naked and fucking each other against the counter. Carol was banging Sue’s tight ass pussy with all her might when Kevin, their tennis tutor walked in on them. Kevin was obviously shocked to see his two prize tranny students nailing each other to the floor, but no sooner had they stopped, apologised and began to dress up, Kevin decided it would be much more sporting and fun to let them all finish their current game of ass fucking before they went out on the court. An orgy soon broke out and Kevin joined in for some filthy three way fucking as both luscious ladyboys serviced Kevin’s cock, allowing him to unleash the hugest cum explosion you could imagine, of which not a drop was wasted, as the two teen trannies fought over it with their tongues.

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Ladyboy domina playing with her ribbed pink dildo

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Whether you’re married or a full time bachelor, every red blooded man deserves the services of a kinky Mistress, and what better than a mistress who is packing an hung meaty surprise and knows just what a filthy minded guy wants?.. In my platinum blonde hooker wig, skin tight PVC top, see-thru bra, ‘quick release’ panties, and a pair of shiny thigh high big black boots, this outfit means business and it’s built for lots of ‘rough love’. I just wish you were here, tied to my bed or grovelling at my feet, ready for my whip, sex toys and my own throbbing fuck stick.. Looks like I’ll just have to keep my self entertained for now with my thick pink butt plug!

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Ballerina Bathroom Enema

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Ladyboy Pink pulls up her pretty skirt for a dirty enema cleansing in the bathroom. Pink’s not wearing any panties and the crotch of her white pantyhose is ripped open allowing full access to her dangling cock and backdoor. Pink takes the water sprayer next to the toilet and fills her rectum to the brim with water. Pink expels the water making her anus squeaky clean and ready for sex.


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The Agreement: Slave Wife Cherry Torn

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The beautiful and very submissive Cherry Torn returns with new guy Xander Corvus! In this fantasy role play, Cherry’s husband gets a promotion that requires him to move across country. Not wanting to leave, she agrees to live the rest of her life in sexual servitude. Shot on location this update includes rough sex, anal penetration, hard face fucking, painful nipple and tongue clamps and bondage sex!


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Close to the Perfection

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Jayden Jaymes’s body is close to total perfection with all those lovely, kissable curves. If you get to taste this beauty, everything else will feel so boring and empty. Probably that’s how Ramon feels who actually managed to get between those slender thighs and fuck the brunette bombshell just as she likes it.