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Carrie looks sweet in her striped shorts… but she looks even more awesome without them, stripped totally naked. Even better when she starts to fondle her cute young body, fingers wandering up and down between the young globes and the wet pussy.

The Right Attitude

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It happens that sometimes we lose control, direction, turning into a social menace. Random outbursts, whining are both symptoms of this state of mind, and Szilvia Lauren exhibits them both. Luckily for her, there is a place where professionals can deal with an issue like this with discipline, teaching her humility and showing her the right attitude.

Kinky Reunion

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Lutro haven’t meet with his friend for long-long years. When he moves back to the old turf, he goes to find his old best friend, but only finds his little sister there, now a beautiful, grown women. They decide to celebrate this reunion with a sexy, hardcore way.

Training of a Party Girl, Day Three

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I the Burden
She wants a collar. I give her a collar of steel she never wants to wear again.

II the Box
Sensory deprivation and nipple training with my thumb up her ass.

III Little Cock Sucker
I make her beg for that hard gimp dick. Before I let her show of her oral skill, I stuff her ass with a rubber cock on a stick.

IV Anal Whore
The order is simple: show me how much of an ass whore you can really be.


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