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Busty brunette Ava Dalush chained and shackled in strict bondage, brutal deepthroat and rough sex!

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Ava Dalush is a ripe perky big eyed brunette that was made to take the dick. Her English accent is adorable and her booming butt and juicy breasts are of the sort that makes it very very fun to watch her walk. She jiggles in all of the right places, like sex on springs. We do the best thing you can possibly do with this starlet-oil her down, cuff her up and stuff her full of dick.

Shackled down with thick leather cuffs onto a custom made wooden bondage device, both ends of Ava are completely, deliciously exposed. A chained collar and a strict hair tie keeps her face hole firmly in place. Her lush curves are gleaming with oil and that astounding ass just will not quit. We walk up and make full use of that face. The collar and hair tie ensures that she can not escape the cock. Ava impressively deepthroats every inch, like the cock slut she is.

We shift to the other end of this bound fucktoy, pounding out that pink pussy. Ava grimaces and grins at the same time, lost in the painful pleasure that is a proper fucking. Back and forth we dip, making our mark and reshaping out those English holes. Ava’s eyes begin to glaze and there is not enough dick in the world to wipe that smile off her face.

We crank it up a notch by throwing a vibrator at that hungry cunt, and she cums hard, impressively, and with gratitude. This one was not sexually broken, she loves the dick so much we were just giving her exactly what she wanted all along. In the end, we just leave her in her bondage, that oiled ass popping out like a landmark. This one was fun and can take it as hard as we dish it out.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Curiosity Killed the Cat

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Sweet step-sister Athina was always curious about her step-brother’s cock. But a glance is not enough… she wants something more permanent. So when he sleeps, she sneaks into the room and tries to make a picture of her big dick. But step-brother wakes up and gives something more to remember.

King of Duels

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There I was, starring victory in the face, duelling against the best duel monster player in the world, Yugi, and I had him on the ropes! It was surely his last turn before his defeat and I eagerly waited for what I was certain would be a desperate last ditch move.. He summoned his Dark Magician Girl in attack mode then played a magic card I had never seen before. I wasn’t scared or worried, more confused, as Dark Magician Girl began to grow what I can only describe as a massive horse sized dick, which stood tall between her smooth athletic lady thighs! I didn’t know what to do, I’d never encountered such a ‘hard’ situations and I had nothing to defend this gigantic shemale weapon.. First, she forced me down onto my knees and I had no choice but to stretch my mouth wide and start to suck on the huge head of her magic cock. As I was sucking her cock she started rubbing her wand around my ass and then suddenly rammed it deep inside! She was fucking my tight asshole with all her might, opening me up ready to take the real thing! After her wand had warmed up my hole she withdrew from my mouth and using my saliva to lube herself up, she thrust her cock deep and hard into me. Damn, her dick was so much bigger than the wand and I felt paralysed with pain and pleasure as she fucked me with all her might. After being fucked for what seemed like hours she finally pulled out and came all over my face as my life points hit Zero. I see why Yugi is the king of Duels, I was fucked in more ways than one! But I have to admit, I kinda liked it.

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