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Military Leave

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Corporal Karlo is on a leave as a reward for the good work in the service of his country, and he uses this time to travel home and visit his girlfriend. Rilynn almost faints when she sees her boyfriend stepping in the room, but then she wastes no time to catch up with all the sex they had to leave out.

Sexy Newcomer TS Dom, fucks Bella Wilde in Art Class

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Bella stares at the nude model for her art class and she just can not focus on her work. It’s not the nakedness that is distracting her, or the model’s tits or beautiful mouth. It’s her cock that Bella can see poking out between her sexy legs.
Bella starts to dream about that cock hard and in her mouth…
we enter Bella’s fantasy world where she slips Chelsea Marie’s giant cock into her wet pussy and rides her until she cums. And her day dream doesn’t stop there, Chelsea stretches Bella’s ass and fucks her balls deep while Bella rubs her clit and cums again. And Chelsea’s creamy, think load of cum covers Bella tits and stomach in an intense finish to this hot update.


Slippery When Wet

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If you have a fetish for wet slippery fetish sex then this week’s update is for you! If you don’t, you will. Mistress Mona Wales is dripping in wet latex and she is using it against you! Heavy sexual teasing, deep prostate milking with wet metal prostate milking toy, hard strap-on anal sex with gigantic black rubber cock, deep metal sounding, slave fucking and denial!!! Not to be missed.


Scream Test Part 1

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Elise Graves reaches new heights of pleasure and pain in part one of a two part special feature.

During one of the many predicaments she:

-is balancing barefoot on her tiptoes over a sharp grate

-has her ankles spread wide and locked apart

-is ball gagged

-has her elbows strapped together with her back arched

-has her nipples clamped tight and pulled up to the ceiling

-is anally impaled on a long thick electrified metal rod

-is being alternately whipped, teased and denied, caned and forced to orgasm in repeating cycles

-must endure her orgasms and punishment in total silence or an audio sensor at her throat will trigger a severe shock deep in her ass through the metal rod

-will continue to be shocked anally until she quiets down

Does the anal shock treatment actually serve to quiet her down?

How much pleasure and pain can she endure at once?

Will she finally reach her limit?