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Anal Training of Kerry Blanc

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Kerry Blanc is curvy, but really sexy. She is the type of girl who loves the feel the cock in every possible ways and she can take the banging all night long. Isn’t that lovely? Arty is up to a real treat while Kerry sucks and rides on his hard cock, and even letting him inside her sensitive, tight asshole.

Bondage Vendetta

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TJ takes out a personal vendetta on the very orgasmic Charley Chase for not showing up to his birthday party. The chemistry is electric as Charley happily becomes TJ’s bondage fuckdoll, accepting the whipping and spanking for his hard cock. She proves her enthusiasm many times over as she is ordered to work for every orgasm and squirts all over the floor.

Lisa & Kim’s Hardcore Night!!

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A hot update with a sexy variety of beautiful ladyboys! Ladyboys Lisa & Kim are two hot Bangkok katoeys with insatiable sexdrives! See these beautiful ladyboys fucking and sucking until they’re covered in cum – inside! Ladyboy May is a drop dead gorgeous tgirl with a hot body, shapely boobs and a sexy hard cock. Katoey Oil is a pretty asian tgirl with a sexy slim body and a big long hard cock, uncut and filled with delicious cum! ladyboy Oy has a sexy slim body and a long hard cock. Post op ladyboy Sa has a sexy soft body, big boobs and a thight postop ladyboy pussy! . Enjoy!

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The Next Step

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I had been dressing up provocatively for as long as I could remember, putting on a dress, even heels and feminine accessories, I’d even padded out my chest before and I’ve always been pretty androgynous which always got me a lot of attention, but hitting the clubs whilst dressed up I nearly always got hit on by the other dressers or lesbian chick, no one could really work out what I was but I’d still never been with a guy. But now I had started to take hormones and I could feel my breasts growing by the day, although I was shy about it and started to hide them, I just wish I had the guts to dress like aslut.. Everything changed when I was away for the weekend.. There must have been some kind of mix up at the airport as when I got to my hotel room and opened my luggage it was clear these were not my clothes. I must have picked up the wrong bag and now I had a suitcase full of makeup and chick clothes. IUt was late, the stores were all closed and the outfit I was wearing stank! I was desperate to go out for a drink and not be trapped in my room all night so I made the decision to try and pass as a girl. With some lipstick, blusher, heels and stockings, and a real slutty dress, it was obvious I was enjoying this more than I could have imagined, no longer was I trying to pass unnoticed I was dressing like an attention seeking hooker, even my breast seemed larger, pushed up by the tight top. So I hit the first dark bar I could find and was hit on by the first guy I passed. I was nervous at first but he was hot and my desire to get him back to my hotel room and rip off his clothes far outweighed my insecurities and shyness. Before long we were bumping and grinding all over my room, fucking like two animals as he parted my stocking clad legs and rammed his cock into my tight behind. I’m not sure if he noticed my cock and just didn’t care or whether he was just too busy pummeling my ass hole to even notice, but here I was about to have an anal orgasm taking my first ever cock, knowing it wasn’t going to be my last, not by a long shot.

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Playing On Dani Daniels’ Greatest Fear, and Anal Only Penny Pax

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Fear makes pussies wet, and Anal Slaves should have their cunts zippered shut. And so it is on the Upper Floor tonight when Ramon Nomar takes over the room and runs our two slave girls into the ground.

Mr. Nomar brings the gorgeous Dani Daniels to the party, and sets out to cure her of her fear of canes. The sexy submissive slut is terrorized with the implement she most fears while being made to perform degrading sex acts.

Meanwhile, Penny Pax is our true anal slave and has her cunt sealed shut while Ramon fucks her ass and pushes her to her limits of sexual servitude.


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