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Here She Cums

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Natalie is a classic beauty, buxom, long legs, raven haired, has a beautiful face, and eyes that speak volumes. She looks like she stepped out off the page of a John Willies sketch book. She pulls a pair of vintage stockings up her long legs, fastens them to her garters, and shows off. A single glove pulls her elbows in tightly together and straps bind her legs. She rolls around on the floor and a moan escapes her lips from time to time. Then only because she has pleased us she gets to cum.

Noa Nishino the Naughty Newhalf

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Noa seems to be a nice and easy-going girl. She said she likes to to do thing at her own pace and prefers easy-going approaches. With men, she likes to be “spoiled” by “older, protective men”. She was also very quick in pointing out that “personality is more important than looks” and she prefers long-term commitments to shortly-lived flings. Her favorite sex is “irrumatio (face fucking), and being ass-fucked while standing and spanked.”


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A Walk In the Park

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A “walk in the park” is an idiom. It means easy, relaxing or non-taxing. After this it may mean just the opposite. Cherry Torn was enjoying her hike through the woods. It was a beautiful day and the seclusion was nice. But being miles away from civilization also means being miles away from help. There are predators in the wild, and one has Cherry in his sights.

As fit as Cherry is, there is no way she is outrunning this stranger in hot pursuit. She can run like her life depends on it, he wants a piece of her and he is going to get it.

Struggling just makes the situation worse. He has Cherry tied up and exposed in the middle of nowhere. She wants to scream for help but being seen like this would be too humiliating to bear. She is being whipped into submission and forced to suck cock. The only fear she has left is that someone will witness her abasement.

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