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Couple Into Shemale Sharing

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It was her boyfriend’s birthday, and so his sexy girlfriend decided to do something special for him and take him to his favorite strip club to watch one of the hottest dancers there perform. But the surprises were just getting started! He watched as she stripped down and showed off her big tits while dancing on the pole, and then his girlfriend asked him, “why don’t you get on stage with her?”. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when she asked him that, and they bugged out even further when the stripped gave him his own pole to play with; her meaty tranny pole! He wrapped his lips around it and tried to take the thick dick in his throat while his girlfriend cheered him on. His virgin ass was parted on stage while the tranny stripper banged him deep with her rod, and it was so hot that his girlfriend jumped up there and spread her legs to feel it in her pussy! His dreams came true that night, as he got fucked by and fucked the hottest shemale stripper he ever laid eyes on.

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Crucified and Fucked

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Poor Karen is up for some humiliation experience. Rendered defenseless, crucified and gagged, she has no chance to flee, protest or even beg while Frank uses the vulnerable girl as his personal fucking toy, trying a wide selection of toys on her body. The girl squirms in pain and pleasure, and cums for her master’s will.

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Horny brunette lusting for cock

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We search the world for the hottest tgirls to show you guys and man have we found a hot little slut here. At first it was hard to believe that she was packing some extra equipment and that she wanted to get down and dirty in front of the camera. I mean just take a look at her face and you’ll see a sweet and innocent babe but once you see the way she fucks you’ll see that she’s really one dirty fuckslut who loves to get hard cock buried deep in her ass.

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Massage Bareback

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Powerhouse dickgirl Carrott splits her asshole open on a bareback cock! Carrott is a giving lover, pouring a generous amount of oil on her hands and rubbing down your thighs. Her hands move closer and closer until she’s playing with your hard rod. Carrotts mouth engulf cock and her finger slips lightly up your ass. Her strong arms lift your legs so she can access your asshole with her tongue.

Carrott is fucked doggystyle, and climbs on cowgirl to cum. Her stiff dick shoots a BIG LOAD then her anus is bathed in hot sperm. What a wonderful ladyboy, the perfect combination of petite and strong.

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Busty blonde 3D teen slut Sammy teasing us with her sexy panties

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Sammy is sexy 3D teen slut who wants to become famous. But she knows that becoming famous is not as easy as it seems. So this hot 3D teen slut decides to take off her clothes in front of the camera. Naked pictures helped everyone to succeed and why wouldn’t this work out for Sammy.

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When a young girl Molly is bored and all by herself taking a hot shower, exploring her own pussy, her overjoyed husband runs in telling her there is a great idea. Molly is excited to find out she could be doing the same things she usually fantasizes about, but in real life and for thousands of viewers watching her every move. All they need is a webcam and…


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New Girl Gets Her First Electrosluts Fuck!

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Another new young slut wants to try to become an electroslut and Lorelei Lee is happy to put this cute brunette through her paces. For her first taste of the Electrosluts treatment, Belle Noir is tied up on a box with her feet, tits, and pink pussy exposed. She has her own panties stuffed in her mouth and her gag secured with vet wrap. Her tits and nipples are bound in conductive rubber and she gets an electrified plug in her pussy so she can feel the voltage in exactly the right places on her nubile young body. Lorelei plays with her, turning the voltage up to hear her gagged moan and then turning it down again so that Belle never knows what to expect. Belle cums again and again with the electricity, and she comes even harder when Lorelei fucks her with the samurai. But being an electroslut isn’t all about pleasure. Belle learns this the hard way when she is made to earn her orgasms with pain.


Doorway Ass Play Cumeating

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Jazz loves the taste of cum. She’s a law enforcement dickgirl and knows how to get what she wants. Jazz pulls down her pantyhose to show you her erect night stick. She means business. Jazz submits her ass to big toy anal training then drops her knees for a hot blowjob. Jazz is so turned on sucking cock she cums in her pantyhose! Jazz’s pantyhose is sticky with her sperm as her mouth is filled with a big load of hot cum! Jazz opens her mouth letting the cum drip from her lips back onto the cock. She slowly strokes and teases the spent cock with her cum slick hand.

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Finding Out the Hard Way

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Alice has gone out of here way to flirt with her neighbor trying to get him to notice her. He finally acknowledges her and they decide to go on a date. What she didn’t know about him is that he is a very sadistic man who will derive great pleasure from her suffering. Her rips her clothes off and gives her a taste of what is in store for her. The rest of the ‘date’ evolves heavy bondage, brutal fucking, and lots of corporal punishment.

Dahlia Sky aka Bailey Blue, Destroyed by Brutality

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Super sexy Dahlia is served up to The Pope and Orlando for a live 3 hour shoot. She was warned that this would be her most brutal shoot, and she welcomed the challenge.

First she is put in a device that is so brutal, that it has her back bent in such a way that most could not handle. She too, eventually gives in to the brutality and has to be let down to make it through the rest of the scene.

Next Dahlia is put in a extreme stress position with her arms and legs bound with metal straps. she is impaled in her pussy with a large dildo to prevent her from easing the stress on her legs.

In the final scene, Dahlia is spread wide in a manipulation of a pile driver. Again her body falls under the assault of these two sadists and we can witness her total destruction reaching its climax.


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Divine Bitches Halloween Special: FemDom Freakshow! SPH cock edging!

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Happy Halloween from the Divine Bitches! Maitresse Madeline Marlowe leads a traveling side show of circus freaks and Jimmy Bullet thinks he has what it takes to be the freakiest of them all with his eensy weensy horny little cock! He sneaks into Madeline’s trailer and presents her with his cute, hard little dick. Madeline finds it hilarious and gets even more amusement from teasing him to the edge of orgasm and watching his little dick bounce all around from excitement. He sniffs and cleans her delicious asshole and gets strap-on fucked and prostate milked until his horny little dick is exploding all over. Welcome to the Freakshow!


Anal training of Iza

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Iza’s tight young ass is something that every anal hunter would be happy to fuck. It is so tight and warm and the round cheeks are bouncy and silky. While Yura bangs her asshole with his big cock, Iza’s joyful scream are honest, filled with pleasure as the girl gets overwhelmed by the countless orgasms.

Bent Back Bitch

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Darling and Penny have met each other before. They have a bit of history, in fact, and Darling has wanted to take another shot at her ever since. Our members have plenty of questions for them while we’re getting them into bondage.

Penny will spend some time in the cage while we have fun with Darling. Tickle torture, nipple clamps, pussy flogging. It’s a lot of suffering for this early in the day. Maybe we should pace ourselves so we don’t wear her out to fast? Or maybe not… after all, we still have a spare.


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Chanel Preston sexually disgraced, tag teamed by cock, brutal deep throat total destruction by dick!

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Chanell Preston is built to fuck. She is a high speed sexual athlete who runs on cock. She is a lush, booming beautiful hottie that is here today to be completely disgraced and destroyed as only Sexuallybroken can deliver. And today we have not one but two rock hard dicks to totally take down this athlete.

Bound down on her knees between two wooden posts, shackled and bound with leather belts, Chanell is at perfect dick height. Anyone that wandered by could avail themselves of her face pussy. Which is exactly what we do. We run an endless train on her tonsils, completely reshaping the back of her throat. Chanell is pounded out into sexual subspace via cock.

As her eyes mist over and the deep back of the throat lube is brought up and slathered over her beautiful face, you can see Chanell slipping away. She gasps and moans around a mouthful of dick, deep in that animalistic zone an overload of cock can provide. We challenge her, slamming it home balls deep, making her take it all the way to the base. She limply hangs in.

It is time for total destruction. We pick up the pace, hammering it home with a vengeance. Chanell is not given a chance to get on top of it or catch her breath. One after another they own her throat meat without mercy. Jamming our fingers down her well used mouth hole and tightening up here neck chain seals the deal. Goodbye Chanell. We leave her limp in her bondage, used hard and completely disgraced. That is the look of someone that got hit by the cock truck.


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Vivid Fantasy

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Candice Luca has a vivid fantasy, especially when it comes to sensuality and sex. Armed with this talent and her favorite dildo, she has a fantastic time as often as she wants. Of course the very fact you watching her helps a lot, adding more to the excitement, and turns an already wet pussy even wetter.

Round 1 July Tag match. The Bellas of Nightmare vs. Cheyenne and Penny

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“The Dragon”
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120lbs
Season W/L: (3 – 0)
Lifetime W/L: (35 – 5)
Penny Barber
“The Tarrasque”
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130lbs
Season W/L: (3 – 2)
Lifetime W/L: (5 – 3)
Syd Blakovich
“The Nightmare”
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 120lbs
Season W/L: (1 – 0)
Lifetime W/L: (12 – 2)
Bella Rossi
“The Annihilator”
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 140lbs
Season W/L: (2 – 2)
Lifetime W/L: (9 – 4)
Cheyenne Jewel
“The Wrangler “
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 127lbs
Season W/L: (3 – 0)
Lifetime W/L: (5 – 0)
Bella Wilde
“The Wolf”
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 120lbs
Season W/L: (2 – 0)
Lifetime W/L: (2 – 0)


The two Bellas are paired up for Team Nightmare going up against Cheyenne Jewel and Penny Barber for Team Dragon. Bella Wilde is the smallest girl on the mats today but she puts up a strong fight in the arm wrestling bout against Cheyenne and holds her ground pretty well the first minute of the match. Syd’s coaching from the side lines is really benefiting the team. Dragon doesn’t need to do much coaching since her strategy is working perfectly……keep the weak link of team nightmare on the mats for as long as possible.