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The Huge Dildo

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One minute you are on your own, sitting in the steam room letting all your cares and worries evaporate through the ventilation.. The next, someone jumps up behind you and thrust a large hard object against your throat! No, it wasn’t a burglar and I wasn’t being attacked, it was just my tranny girlfriend coming home early from work, trying to surprise me with her new toy! When she jumped up behind me I wasn’t really shocked, I am used to her pranks by now, but what did take me by surprise was the huge size of the dildo she had brought home. It was bigger than a fist! At first I thought it was another one of her jokes, but soon enough she was bending me over and trying to force it into my tight anus! What surprised me even further was that I got seriously turned on by the feeling of that huge rubber dong trying to force its way into my hole.. Finally it found its way inside me! I then noticed it was double ended and there she was, my shemale lover, Lita, desperately trying to ram the other end of this massive fuck toy in her own ass, and the more she thrust towards it, trying to overcome the pain and slide it in her, the deeper it slipped into my own hole, stretching my sphincter wider than I ever imagined it could go, sending ripple after ripple of pain and pleasure shuddering through my body.. I was soon craving the real thing and demanded that Lita fuck me until her balls exploded in my ass, but once she came Lita didn’t stop, she went back to ploughing and pummelling my ass again with the massive meaty toy, finally trampling my balls with her high heels, making me shoot my spunk over her tight kinky boots..

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Beautiful Balloon!

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A smoking hot update with gorgeous and horny ladyboys getting naked for you! Ladyboy Art is a sexy Asian shemale with a slim body, a sexy bubble butt and a hard cock! See her big cumshot inside! Ladyboy Balloon is a stunningly beautiful transgirl with a sexy petite body, budding hormone breasts, a sexy ass and a delicious cock! Ladyboy Gift is a sexy Bangkok tgirl with a hot body, big boobs, a sexy ass and a hard cock! Beautiful ladyboy Minny has a sexy soft body, big boobs, a juicy round ass and a delicious cock! Ladyboy Um is a sexy tall transsexual with a hot body, big tits, a round ass and a long hard cock! See her cumshot inside! Enjoy!

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Man Handled Skull Fucking in the Extreme

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As beautiful people go Leilani Leeane is at the top of the list. She also has more vowels in her name then most people so there you go, beautiful and vowely.

This was our meet and greet with Leilani, She was scared nervous and had no idea what to expect. Her reactions are priceless, her orgasms real and her suffering, genuine.

Almost all of the bondage is done on screen for Sexually Broken, we take Leilani from dressed, to totally bound and fucked up before your eyes. We bind her elbows together, make her undress, she struggles but does manage to get naked for us. Her reward is a hard cock to the back of the throat. The cock fucks her beautiful face into submission. We then tie her over a mini H frame, and bind her tits into sexy balls of flesh, her huge nipples sticking out just begging for abuse. We then rip orgasm after orgasm out of her helpless body. She can do nothing to stop her self from cumming, nothing at all. We end with a brutal crotch rope, there is nothing sexier then a beautiful girl suffering in slow pain, after several massive orgasms!

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Beg for a Take Down. Beg. Ts Ms. Toya and her cop cock

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Toya and Sebastian are more than just under cover cops – they have been secretly dating and the tension is starting to get to Toya. She wants to expose their affair and face the consequences of a departmental romance with her boss. But Sebastian is up for a promotion and doesn’t want to risk being turned down and reprimanded. He claims that he’s not ready to tell everyone because he wants the sex to be more exciting before he fully commits to her – this lame excuse gets him ambushed and punished by a pissed off Toya.
In the darken hotel room, Toya takes her boyfriend by surprise, tackling him and pinning him to the bed. She puts a hood on his head and doesn’t let him see her until she is cumming all over his face. Her black dick is long hard and fills his white ass up to the brim. He begs but she doesn’t care. His hard cock is all the permission she needs to keep going. And in the end, she dumps him for being a jerk. The take away? Don’t mess with Ms. Toya and her big, black cock!

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Fun on the Lanes

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Me and my BFFF (Best Fuck Friend Forever) Vanessa were out for our regular Friday night fun hitting the bowling alley. We had taken on the challenge of a couple of a young college guy we met at the counter and we were doing well, so when Vanessa bowled yet another strike to clinch the game we celebrated big, so big in fact my ass began to hurt! It must have been when Vanessa slapped my butt so hard, but one of the college guys said he could see a splinter hanging out. As he went in to inspect and caressed my firm ass cheek with his hand it was clear by the huge boner pitching tent in his pants that he was looking to help himself rather than me! He may not have seen a splinter in my pants but he was about to see a large plank of cock as I was one turned on tranny babe. We immediately jumped on him and began to tear away his clothes, aiming to get that hard cock out in the open. Obviously we couldn’t fuck out there in the middle of the busy bowling lanes, but once we dragged him to the toilets his ass was our, literally! We tag fucked his ass so hard he yelp like a lost puppy. With all the excitement of spreading his tight cheeks and banging this young boy senseless neither of us could hold back from cumming for too long and we finally spread our sperm all over his body, leaving him caked in creamy ladyboy spunk naked in the middle of the bowling club bathroom.

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Turn It On

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Mary Jane has the most incredible legs and I always enjoy working with her. Her pin-up style, her grace, beauty and that wicked little smile she gets is just sexy. I could shoot her and all most forget to tie her up. You literally have to take the camera away from me. I get so caught up in the moment photographing her. I’m told that we have way more photos than we can ever use and it’s time to move on. Her body is bound with her legs up of course and she is teased with the vibrator. Marry Jane squeaks and moans as the vibrator is turned on and off… on and off… never letting her quite get to have that orgasm she so badly wants. Through her gag you can hear her pleads, “Turn it on”. I think a little tease and denial is good for the soul or at the very least it’s a fun game to play. Finally she gets what she wants, an orgasm.

Flexible Angel

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Lucky Keni Styles has already had the chance to bang the prettiest girls all around the world, but probably even he didn’t make love such a flexible, amazing blonde beauty as Marina Angel. Well, he can check this item on his to do list, because he surely fucks Marina’s brain out.