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MILFs or Cougars are all the rage for a reason. MILFs know how to treat a man. More and more young guys are looking for an older woman to satisfy their needs. MILFs just try harder to please you, period. They have been around the block a few times. They don’t play games that many younger girls do. If you are looking for a MILF date; you might try a dating site. There are some sites actually dedicated to MILFs. Grocery stores, book stores and bars are good places to find MILFs. They are at many of the same places other women are. Stay alert and you’ll find one just about anywhere.

Once you have found the MILF of your dreams; it will be time for your MILF date. No more fantasizing. This is reality and that is the first thing you have to realize. This isn’t just some fetish. This is a living, breathing person. Some men tend to get caught up in the fantasy. There are some very horny MILFs out there ready to climb on a younger man, but not all of them are like that. It’s just like with any other woman. You have to court her and treat her with respect. If she’s horny and looking to have a quick sexy romp, she will let you know.

Whether the MILF you find has sex with you right away or makes you wait; the sex will come. It’s a good idea to be prepared and know what to expect when your MILF date ends up in your bed. As with any woman, foreplay is important, but especially with MILFs. Stroke her and tease her. Make her feel beautiful. Seduce her until she is ready to explode. When it’s time to enter her, you better hold on for the ride.