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India Summer’s Principles of Servitude, Day One

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The MILF is the most difficult subject to train because they have more shit to undo than other subjects. This also makes them the more interesting and challenging. Case in point, Miss India Summer, aka MILF of the Year. The lady is special, but slave training is the Great Equalizer. We all find humility eventually, and I am here to take Miss Special Snowflake down a notch.

Summer is hooded and taken to the basement prisoner style where she is bound, clipped and grilled to come up with her own Principles of Servitude. These principles will underpin her curriculum moving forward, and everything she does will reflect them.

Once she makes it through her daily lesson, she is allowed to earn her training collar. A training collar bears great weight, and she is made to fuck while wearing 50 lbs. of chain to reflect this truth. In the end she is filthy, sweaty and beaten but emerges with collar in hand. Her reward for a job well done is to be tied down and fucked in the ass while reviewing the days work.

All in all, and good day’s work for our newest trainee. She is properly used and learned something along the way. Now go to your room and do your homework: What is ego and how does it relates to submission?


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Purple Lingerie Bareback

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Jacky is insatiable. She gives an incredible bareback session in skimpy lingerie. Jacky rims, and rubs her nicely curved cock in frottage action. After a hot deep-throat blowjob Jacky’s panties are pulled aside and a raw cock goes in her to the balls. Jacky is fucked cowgirl and missionary, with her blowing a sticky load on her tight stomach. Then a big POV cumshot all over her spent ladyboy ballsack.


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Rachel, Christine and I had made a road trip to the casino out on the state line. We just wanted to let our hair down and gamble the night away, and we were certainly doing that. We had spent most of the night at the Roulette table, so long in fact the rest of the casino was almost empty apart from the croupier running the wheel. To make things more interesting we had started to make dares and more fun gamblesas we got loaded on the free drinks. It was getting so crazy, Rachel decided to throw all her money on black 7, and joked that if she won we should all strip off and fuck on the table in fornt of the shy croupier with whom we’d been flirting with all night. When the ball rolled into 7 and she’d won we were all in shock and began celebrating the big win. But before the croupier could hand over the winnings Rachel reminded us of the extra bet! We soon began making out, 3 way kissing, running our hands over each others bodies, slowly stripping off. I’m sure a croupier gets to see a lot of crazy things late at night, but I’m bet he’s never seen three horny tranny bitches making out on his table. He didn’t say a word as we rolled on to the table, naked, and begun our shemale threesome orgy. We were doing lots of spit roasting and sweaty sandwiches, everyone got a good ass filling and the table got covered in sticky ladyboy spunk!

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