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Loser Humiliated by the audience for SUCKING so bad

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Rilynn Rae and Lyla Storm have a little bit of history which makes this Public Disgrace all the more interesting. Back in 2012 Lyla Storm beat Rilynn Rae in a wrestling match. Ever since that day, Rilynn has been letting the hate fester inside her. She vowed to come back to Ultimate Surrender to beat Lyla Storm and avenge herself. Today she did that which you can see at Ultimate Surrender.

As if losing to the underdog in a match in front of an audience, wasn’t enough humiliation, Lyla Storm gets her ass handed to her AGAIN on a public disgrace cross over from ultimate Surrender. Ariel X had such high hopes for Lyla but Lyla Failed….. MISERABLY. Lyla’s performance is completely unacceptable for referee, Ariel X. Ariel X and Rilynn Rae drag Lyla around to the audience and allow the audience to determine Lyla’s fate. Let’s just say the audience isn’t very kind to losers. Lyla gets fisted, fucked in the pussy and ass Dp’ed and gets stranger loads on her face. The audience runs a finger bang train on her to get all her holes loosened up


Golden Hair Gape Creampie

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Fay’s winker is GAPED and filled with a steamy hot creampie! The bottoms of Fay’s purple lingerie are pulled aside and her rubbery anus is displayed and played with. Fingers and a black butt plug open her up. A slick bareback cock slides right into Fay’s elastic hole, then is pulled out for an ass-to-mouth blowjob. Fay licks the taste of her ass from the cock then it goes back inside. Fay’s fucked missionary the whole time until the POV dick spurts inside her silky backside. Cum leaks from her open ass and is pushed back inside with the anal plug.


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Brutal Consent: A Featured Presentation

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A special SAS feature starring Casey Calvert, Lyla Storm and James Deen. Two college students are driving through the desert and get pulled over by a phony sheriff. The girls are thrown into the back of a cop car and taken to a remote place where they become his personal fuck holes. Stellar bondage and rough sex scenes with anal pounding, brutal punishments and intense orgasms!


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Jingle Sluts Part 2

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Cadence Cross is still looking for more from her live feed. When she got here she told us how into it she was and how much she was looking forward to it. Every torment has just reinforced her desire to please us. Where as some people might regret their decision to offer themselves up to the sickest minds in BDSM, Cadence has been looking for someone to take her to the next level. She isn’t afraid of what is coming next. She has been looking forward to it.

When you’ve got pretty little nipples like Cadence you can’t expect them to go unteased. A tiny length of twine is wrapped around each one, providing neat and convenient little handles. Even better they make great places to hang some weights from.

Things get intense fast. It goes from a couple of little weights hanging from her tits to a complete sense overload. Whipping, flogging, zipper clips, the powerful Hitachi and more, everything hits her at once. She told us before she was into pain and humiliation. It’s true, because she has a body rocking orgasm while having her suffering streamed live in HD.

She gets down on her hands and knees to eat a meal before the next, even more extreme part begins. Being bent over and beaten is nothing compared to being suspended for it. There is nothing to grip, no way to move, and she is being caned so hard that she starts to swing in her bondage.

The bruises on her ass show up before the beating is even through. The floggings, whippings, and canings have all taken their toll on Cadence’s unblemished, pale skin. They’ve taken a toll on her pussy, too. She is so dripping wet that you can see it from a mile away. All she wants is a cock inside of her. We have a lovely assortment of rubber ones on hand, just for her.


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Private Student

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Beautiful, extremely sexy Tasha Reign is a spoiled princess. She has a good life, she even has a private teacher, but she doesn’t like to learn. No wonder that she cannot reply to Mr. Derek questions. The teacher is not too happy, but Tasha has her own way to make piece with him… and they way is through Mr. Derek’s big cock.

Sybian Bound, Zippered and Throated

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Welcome Ash Hollywood to Sexually Broken. This sexy blond finds herself quickly overloaded with sensation. Her sexual destruction is amazing to watch.

Bound onto the worlds most powerful vibrator Ash finds herself at the mercy of her own body. Her arms are brutally tied back into a painful strappado that pushes her clit even harder onto the evil sybian.

We tease our little blond by turning the sybian on at a low setting building her sexual frustration level up to an unbearable level. She needs to cum but she just can’t yet.

Now we push Ash to her sexual limit. We crank up the orgasm machine, sending Ash’s brain into subspace territory. But we are cruel and turn Ash’s mouth into a cock depository. A devastating throat fucking ensues. The cock is pushed deep down her throat over and over impeding her ability to breath at all.

The combined breath play with the most powerful vibrator on the planet sends Ash down the rabbit hole. Gagging, orgasm after orgasm wrecks Ash’s world. She can not stop herself from cumming over and over. Her brain is sexually devastated. The proof is when we rip the zipper from her tender flesh and she doesn’t even react! We tighten up a neck rope, limiting air to Ash, and leave her cumming over and over into the night..

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Hot Bryn Blayne In Chain Only Suspension Bondage

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Bryn is as tough as they come and today is no exception. In scene 1, Bryn is subjected to a chain only suspension. Tormented with the cattle prod, and wood spikey board, the pain is ramped up. Keeping the energy to the max, in scene 2 she is suspended in an ebi face up with leather straps.m Her ass is paddled hard as she is vibed to orgasm after orgasm. In the last position, Bryn is secured with metal shackles in pile driver and railed hard with the sybian. Caned, punched, slapped, single tailed. Bryn’s need for pain is insatiable and we make sure this more than willing tough cunt gets her fill.

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Tempting Beauty. Part 1.

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Christina is young, silly, shy, and very touchy. Besides, she talks way too much. Christina irritates Paul and sometimes he even regrets she stayed with him but…some of Christina’s friends are really cute. For instance Vicky – the girl from her Sociology class, who stayed over once to “study for the exam”. When Paul first sees Vicky he can hardly breathe.

She is young self-confident adorable sex-bomb, and…she obviously likes Paul!! That forbidden fruit entices him so bad that he stays by the door to Christina’s bedroom, watching and listening carefully…Lucky him!! That night Paul gets to see something really nasty, exciting, and mind-blowing! Join here for exclusive 3D porn!

Vaginal Pussy Pump For Carmen Collins

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Carmen Collins is a filthy whore. It’s true that most porn girls are sluts, but few have ever been fucked by more men than Carmen Collins has been in the last few years. Dozens of men have gangbanged her, plenty of strangers have fucked her in clubs and bars and parking lots – she has fucked just about every friend she has and she used to have a big sign on her apartment door that said ‘Knock Loud If You Want To Fuck Me!’ So, how do you get a jaded whore like Carmen to be really excited about sex as if she was a virgin all over again? Pussy pumps are an excellent way! With her vagina plump her nipples pinched by suction cups Carmen is able to focus on fucking the way she used to… before hundreds of men had a chance to use her pussy, mouth and asshole as a set of practice holes!

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Lil pixie Odette Delacroix, world class deep throating champion. Bound, vibrated and throat blasted!

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Odette Delcroix looks like a fairy that got her wings ripped off. At 4’11 and under 100 pounds, they don’t come much smaller and more compact then Odette. But this innocent looking pixie has a secret. She is in the top one percent of deep throaters on the planet. If she chose to quit porn, she could join the circus as a sword swallower. Yes, she is that good.

Here at Sexuallybroken, we appreciate those rare jewels that can perform at that level. Today we are going to put that tender throat meat to the test. Bound on her back in a classic fuck me position with her white cotton panties and training bra in full display with her mouth hole hanging off the edge, Odette is going to get the chance to impress us. And impress us she does. She can take the cock balls deep and just hang out there, not even slightly distressed. Long after most models would be choking and gasping and begging for mercy, Odette is just gazing up at us calmly. This pixie has no gag reflex and evidently no need of air.

We cut off that useless training bra and hike those white cotton panties up around her ankles while keeping her in the metal bondage. A vibrator is bolted in place directly on her perfect shaved pussy. As calm and collected as she is hanging off the edge of a dick, the vibrator takes that all away. Her cunt is super sensitive and responsive and she cums almost immediately. Odette yelps and moans as multiple orgasms shake through her restrained flesh. We put a stop the the noise by jamming the dick back in her mouth.

Nipple clamps are added as the final touch on this perfect package. Clamped, cuffed, panties around ankles and cumming helplessly with a rock hard cock owning her throat is a good look on Odette. She should wear it more often. When we are done, we walk away, leaving her languishing and still cumming. Pixies like this one are keepers, we don’t plan on letting her go anytime soon…


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The Basement Mystery

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While her husband is out, Carla goes down to the basement and discovers the dirty truth about Fred: he is into cruel sex games, and only god knows what kind of stuff happens in their basement. Carla finds proof all over the place, and to say she is shocked is to say nothing.

Suddenly, her husband shows up accompanied by his friend Rick. Rick and Fred decide Carla knows enough to stay and please them both, so they rip off her clothes, and after whipping her properly make the woman suck their cocks and fuck her deep until she almost faints, begging them to carry on with their cruel but very arousing actions. Carla discovers a more passionate side of herself, and is made to apply all her skills for Fred and his guest to cum abundantly. There is a lot of pain and pleasure waiting for Carla, as the imagination of her torturers is endless.

Lorelei Suffers to an Intense Electro Anal Fucking!

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I’m not sure how many times I’ve said it but I love Lorelei Lee. She has such a radiant Hollywood look that almost make it’s difficult to push her limits. Lucky for me and even more lucky for her I’m able to work past this feeling of hesitation and give her the most intense electro-anal-strap-on fucking I’ve dished out since the launch of Electrosluts.

Since Lorelei reduced the amount of performing she does her perfectly pink asshole doesn’t receive the attention it used to. However, it swallowed up my electro cock and I went to town! But I couldn’t stop with just that; this site is called ElectroSLUTS after all and I’m not going to let Lorelei go without proving herself as a True Electroslut.

I hope the grand finale of Lorelei’s series pleases all of you because I’m already thinking of ways to convince her to come back and suffer more to my electric hand!

Big Busted, Blond Barbie Brawler gives Bella Rossi a Run for her Money

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Bella Rossi
“The Annihilator”
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 140lbs
Season W/L: (2 – 1)
Lifetime W/L: (16 – 9)
Carissa Montgomery
“The Barbie Brawler”
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 120lbs
Season W/L: (0 – 1)
Lifetime W/L: (0 – 1)

Bella Rossi takes on another new cumer today. But this new girls has some experience and she has some tits and ass to make her a triple threat. The Brawler knows how to move and she’s strong but she keeps getting stuck under Bella’s huge tits.


The New Maid

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When fresh faced Jenna Ashley, the new maid, is brought in to assist Anal House Slave Penny Pax set up for a Party, the Dirty Butler Mr. Corvis’ attentions turn from fucking Pax’s fine ass to the fresh meat. Pax is pissed and takes her jealous frustrations out on the hot little newbie, but just finds herself deeper in trouble when the Boss comes back and finds her mouth wrapped around the Butler’s dick.


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Hogtied Whores

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When the HogTied crew goes to Vegas to scout some fresh talent, they get distracted by gorgeous hookers. But when they finally get the whores back to the room, the high end call girls turn out to be more than the crew can afford!

Penthouse Pet Skin Diamond and Big Busted Krissy Lynn star in this special Hogtied road trip to Vegas. Plenty of tight rope bondage, overwhelming orgasms, and hard core face fucking pack the screen in the feature presentation.


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18yr Old Big Cumshot Gape

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18 year old Mook is milked and barebacked in lingerie. She’s a strong teenager with a nice cock to go with those big tits and big ass. She loves cock, and wraps her pretty lips around for a POV blowjob. This scene was shot during one of Pattaya’s famous rain storms and you can hear it pouring down while Mook is barebacked in the short time room.

Her oiled up stick is rubbed with another hard cock for frottage action, then the cock dips to her slick hole and past the wrinkled ring. Mook is fucked missionary until she cums. Her pulsating asshole makes the guy cum and he pulls out to spew all over her shiny teen ballsack.


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Tranny’s New Sugar Daddy

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Most babes can get away with flirting with a guy to get what they want, as long as they give a little bit up at the end of the day. This blonde shemale has a tendency to have guys wrapped around her finger for the most part, and then wrapped around her dick when it’s time for it! He’s blushing the whole time while she’s making him take her out shopping. Who could have guessed that this skinny chick with a dick could eat so much at the bakery! Now that she was all hopped up on the sugar, she was ready to have some fun with him, as she stripped his clothes off while taking her panties off. That’s when he noticed her trembling schlong, and it’s when he got hungry! He dropped to his knees, sucking her pecker as hard as it could get, losing his breath as he choked on it. Then he bent over and offered up his asshole, even though he had never been fucked in the butt before. She wouldn’t let him forget his first time, as she pumped his ass with her cock and then showered him in her cock icing.

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Late Night Sex Radio Call Mystery Caller Becomes Real Life Sex Date

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Tyra Scott is known as the Madam of the AM airways, dolling out sex positive advise to her loyal following. She’s like Dr. Ruth only better. Alex is long time fan and regular on her show. The two have a special bond even though they have never met.
Tonight they take their usual phone sex call all the way and agree to meet. Alex is finally going to learn he wasn’t the only one stroking a cock during their heavy phone sex calls.
The chemistry is electric and Alex’s cock is stiff with excitement from the minute he meets Tyra. The two kiss and grope on his bed until he finds her cock. It’s dead silent. Tyra, being the top she is, just flips Alex over and makes him take her cock into his mouth.

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March Madness Tag Team. Team Annihilator vs Team Doomsday

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Milcah Halili and Juliette March show us what little girls can do on the mats. These two spitfires hold their own against their opponents. Milcah and Daisy Ducati take on Juliette March and Bella Rossi in a nail bitting bitterly close battle for sexual supremacy. Some of the most outstanding wrestling we’ve seen on the mat this season. These girls put everything they’ve got into this match

Darling and Syd Blakovich guest ref this exciting tag match. Mega Talent on the mats, Mega wrestling performances by everyone. Mega Squirting and orgy in prize round.


Training of H Part 3

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In times long passed the strappado was one of the most feared forms of torment. The arms, once brought up behind the body, put an incredible amount of stress on the shoulders. Many girls have trouble maintaining the position at all. Hazel Hypnotic got lifted up by it.

For the brief time she was in the air her shoulders felt like they may come lose, but the real pain was still forthcoming. She was placed down on a crotch-horse that allowed all of her weight to rest upon her pussy. To give herself any relief all she had to do was pull herself up, straining against her brutal bondage again.

We did eventually move her hands to a more comfortable position, but only because it gave PD better access with the whip. And when we have decided that she has held herself up with her arms for long enough there is always a collar we can use that will keep her in place just as well.

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Made-Up Grace

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PD does not even take the time to explain to Iona Grace why he is doing these things to her but if she was not such a dumb slut it would be obvious. He is having company later and she needs to be ready for them to use. If they want to hurt her she will need to be able to take the pain. If they want to use her holes she will need to be able to satisfy their desires. He is going to prepare her the only way he knows how. By using her just as brutally as his guests will.

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Curvy cutie Mia Li is suspended upside down in a straightjacket and worships cock while cumming!

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Mia Li is spunky, eager and loves to fuck. She brings an enthusiasm to the table that can not be denied. We like enthusiastic sluts here at Sexuallybroken. It inspires us to do things like hang them upside down from the ceiling and stuff them full of cock like a busty bondage piñata.

In a position most could not handle due to how strenuous it is, Mia is already challenged before we have even touched her. Suspended upside down in the bolero straightjacket from Stockroom, with a dildo jammed in her pussy and a vibrator on her clit is more hardcore bondage then most can take. Mia Li is not most. Time to make this even more challenging. We walk right up and make full use of her wide open mouth hole. Her eyes bulge and water. This is how you throat train a slut.

Back and forth the dicks use this swinging bag of holes. Ramping up the pace we add in the flogger and turn on the vibrator. It is an overwhelming on the senses. A dildo deep inside her, a vibrator working away on her juicy clit, her round ass firmly flogged, bound in a straightjacket and hanging upside down as multiple cocks own her throat-it is more then most will ever experience. Mia responds with multiple orgasms as she gags on the dicks running a train on her mouth.

Even though Mia is a spend and slavering mess, lost deep into sexual subspace, we are not done with her yet. Weighted nipples clamps and a wooden tongue trap remind her just why she is here-to be a piece of meat for our use. We leave our fucktoy gently swaying over a puddle of her own drool, well used and fucked hard. It is a good look on her.


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A Day of Cock Service on the Upper Floor

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Welcome to a day in the life of service on the Upper Floor. The table is set. Double D’s and Double A tits are on the menu today, with an entree of newbie, freshly shaved pussy. Delilah’s very first trip to the Castle is filled with new experiences for the fledgling service slut. The Consort is on hand to show her the ropes around the hottest kinky threesome site on the web..

The consort presents the new slut to the dick and shows her how to perform the House tasks of table service, sloppy threesome blowjobs and brutal reverse cowgirls fucking. Two gorgeous girls are taken by hard dominant dick and fucked within an inch of their ability to take it.


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