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Anal training of Logan & Angel Rivas

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One man, two girls and two cock hungry, tight assholes waiting for penetration. Blonde hottie Logan and brunette beauty Angel lured a horny stud into their bed for a good ass pumping action. They are not afraid to throw in everything to satisfy their anal needs, and won’t stop the fun till one one them won’t get an anal creampie.

Redheaded 3D Super Model Misty gets fucked doggy style at the wall

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This 3D movie has a beautiful short haired redhead bent over grabbing the brick wall that surrounds these two lovers. Her big firm 3d boobs bouncing in rhythm to the thrusts of her partner as her fucks her from behind! The camera moves in closer and focuses on his long stiff cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Her ass cheeks are perfectly round and right there in front of you! The 3D action is better than being there.

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Hot MILF Cintia

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Cintia is a big titted hot milf who still loves to suck and fuck. Indeed, it seems with age she loves sex even more and more! She always goes for younger boy toys who are sporty enough to stay awake and fuck her insatiable cock-hungry pussy all night long. And if you think she had enough, you’re wrong because the next moment she’ll ask for more! Wow, what a mature nymphomaniac she is!

Coral Captured

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We have Coral captured and enraptured. She is a beautiful girl with a love of bondage but some apprehensions about metal. The entire idea of being shackled by something cold, rigid and unyielding makes her the kind of nervous that we like to see. The kind of nervous that makes her panties wet and her defenses come down.

She won’t back down, though. She said she is up for anything and she meant it. The bruises we leave on her prove that. But the fact that she feels an extra element of fear is easily detectable. It’s in the little glances she makes around the room, the way she tries to hold her cries inside, and how she never once complains, no matter how rough we get with her.

Cane her, whip her, vibrate her; she will suffer through it all. She doesn’t want to crumble. She wants us to think she is as tough as the iron used to bind her. She is going to have to prove it.


Well Hung Bell!

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A sexy update with beautiful well hung ladyboys stroking their big cocks! Ladyboy Ae is a sexy Pattaya tgirl with a hot curvy body, big tits, a juicy ass and a hard uncut cock! Ladyboy Bell is a sexy slim Asian shemale with a hot huge cock, 8 inches of ladyboy meat! Ladyboy Iko is a cute Asian transsexual with a hot slim body and a hard cock! Ladyboy Lala is another well hung Thai shemale with a hot body, sexy ass and a hot hard cock! See her cumshot inside! Ladyboys Parkky and Markky are two sexy and very horny Bangkok transsexuals with hot slim bodies, big supple boobs, hard cocks and fuckable asses! They got together in front of Frank’s lens for a hardcore sex session and got into each other! See them fucking and sucking cock inside! Enjoy!

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Anal Girl Discovery: Angel Allwood

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It’s a real pleasure to present, brand spanking new, Angel Allwood to share her love of anal sex with the world. This big booty girl is so sexy when she gets turned on by all the kinky anal sex Krissy Lynn gives her. Her ass hole opens up wide to take some pretty big toys and a big fat strap-on cock! This girl is a real gem with a lot of potential to be one of the great anal queens of Everything Butt!


Ankle Suspension test Hair Fetish Model Bianca!

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Episode 3: I love it when I get to post another episode with Bianca Stone, San Francisco’s most popular Hair Fetish Model. She’s really a gem and luckily with this shoot we get to go back in time. Back before I tested Bianca in our most recent Electrosluts Live Shoot. Back to a time when she was one hairy adorable animal for all our electro pleasure. In this episode Mistress Lorelei Lee really wants to know just how far she can push her hairy fuck toy. Suspended by her ankles Lorelei clamps onto Bianca’s pussy and armpit hair with heavy industrial clamps. Then hung an entire buckets of weights, painfully stressing each curly hair. This is just prep for the sharp sting caused by the Golden Rod, our most intense attachment for the violet wand.


Unbelievably Huge SheCock

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This ample bodied, ebony shebabe was a sexy piece of lust on high heels. Her sexy little black dress showed a delicious amount of cleavage and skimmed her curvy ass and hips like a lovers hands. And those black, silky thigh high stockings added even more sensuous appeal. This lovely T-girl posed and teased the camera slowly stripping out of her dress and revealing inch by dark inch of skin. She slid her bra straps off her shoulders and set those big titties free, squeezing them and fondling her big, dark nipples. She even held those puppies up so she could lick her own dark peaks. But the real excitement was when she slipped out of her white panties to reveal her huge, thick shecock. It was amazing it even fit in her tight panties. And once she oiled it up and began to stroke and pump, that shecock grew to extreme proportions.

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Eurotrip: Cathy

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Cathy and her two girlfriends come to Paris for new impressions and cultural experience, but it doesn’t quite work for them that way. After having sex with her friends in their hotel room Cathy goes in the hall to get some ice and is kidnapped by two men. The girl has been noticed by the hotel manager and purchased by a wealthy man named Roger. She is delivered to a dungeon where Roger introduces himself to the victim and then the fun begins – for him that is.

Cathy is shocked to learn she is going to be whipped and throat-fucked, but there is not too much she can do, as Roger has made sure she is chained to the ceiling properly. Cathy is about to experience pain she has never felt before and several other things that Roger has prepared – this is no accident that he paid 200 thousand Euros for the pleasure. This guy is going to have his fun!


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Sometimes a cunt shows up on a head trip thinking she’s going to be the NEXT BIG STAR.

This bitch is no exception. Shot a few movies in an LA apartment and thinks the world revolves around her.

We teach this slut exactly what her role and place is.

Bleached hair hooded, mouth gagged, lips sealed shut and the nips of her fake breasts clamped tight and pulled up hard.

Pussy and ass spanked and slapped red and raw, this bimbo learns the meaning of control.


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French Hottie gets pounded by 5 prison guards

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A hottie French tourist loses her passport and winds up in American prison – and the guards don’t want to let her off easy. This slut ends up with a face full of cocks! This ultimate gang-bang scenario has non-stop pounding action as Angel takes all 5 guys at once.

Her hot holes are stuffed, and her ass gets fucked with 2 cocks at once because these guys don’t want to take turns. Watch this bitch get DP’d until both holes are stretched and spent; then she is cast aside like the whore that she is.

Zebra Girls Andi Anderson & Erica Vuitton

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I was out for coffee with my girlfriend, Erika Vuitton , and were were talking about our English class. Our girl chat got dirty as she told me about a time she cleaned some girl’s place and was caught fingering her black snatch. Things got much more interesting as Erika fucked the shit out of her and I was hoping to be in that elite group as well. We got back to her place and I soon joined the ranks of white girls dominated by super submissive black girls. Control was something I wasn’t in the moment we got back to her “Den Of Domination”. Click here to see free gallery.

zebra-girls zebra-girls zebra-girls

Erika showed me exactly what she did to cut that white girl down to size. She felt up my gigantic white tits and slipped my tight panties off my perfectly round ass. Erika had me spread open so wide that I felt so vulnerable to what would come next. I couldn’t moan at all sine my panties were now jammed down my mouth. It’s probably a good thing or else the neighbors might have ended up calling the cops for public disturbance. Nothing could spare me from the thick white strap on that had my holes on its radar. Since I was a good girl Erika gave me the honor of eating her sweet honey pot lick after lick. My asshole is still sore and I’ve suggested that Erika switch to decaf.

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Bondage Ballerina

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That pretty blue dress of Sarah Jane Ceylon’s isn’t going to last very long. Then again, neither is her unblemished, pale skin. Our members don’t want to see a pretty girl just standing around minding her own business. They want to see her suspended, crying and begging for mercy. Who are we to stand in the way of their dreams?

And who are we kidding? We love it is much as they do. There are few things hotter in this world than hanging a beautiful blonde upside down while three men whip her into sub-space. Her ass is going to have so many stripes she won’t be able to sit down for a week. And then we’ll stick her in a box and cane her feet so standing is just as bad.


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Lustful blonde hentai gay getting sexy asshole drilled by a giant phallus

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Half of everything

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A divorce is always a dirty thing. But when the wife wants to get half of his husband’s hard earned money, things slip out of control quite easily. Nikky is bitchy enough to piss of Bruno, and ends up banged, fucked, used, and punished by his soon ex-husband, learning a hard lesson of submission.

Seven Slave Intake Extreme Bondage, Exhausting Exercise, & Overwhelming Orgasms Expose the Weak

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Classic Shoot


The potential trainees arrive the evening before the shoot and are numbered. Taking away their identity is the first step in breaking them down and rebuilding them the way we want them to be. They are caged and left overnight with anxious anticipation of what the following day holds for them.

Morning comes and they are awaken and brought to me for selection. There are a few that stand out right from the start, and they are made an example of for the rest to see. With seven girls petitioning, we must eliminate the weak as soon as they show signs of it. We are only looking for the top of the class for our slave training.

We then test them on pain endurance using sadistic nipple torture with clover clamps and excessive weight. We are now down to four girls and they are all placed on sybians for orgasm denial training. The competitiveness between all of them is amazing to watch.

We finish the day with exhausting exercising to see who has the determination to push themselves the hardest for the spot as the new trainee. It comes down to two and the decision is made for our new trainee, and the other is sent away.

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TS Ariel Everitts fucks Wolf Hudson deep in his ass

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Wolf is shocked to find his new trainer is a girl. After Wolf makes a sexist comment, coach Ariel challenges him to a match where things get hot and sweaty. But Ariel’s moves are too much for Wolf, and he finds himself pinned to the mat at Ariel’s mercy. Forced to suck her throbbing tranny cock, his submission soon leads to a vigorous ass-fucking from his new mistress.

Chick-with-dick having fun dressing like a man

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Did you ever want to see me as a man well here I am with my little moustache and short hair. I have to admit I won’t make the sexiest man alive but I think I am kind of cute. I am just playing dress up so don’t worry it wont take me long to get back into the sexy girl you hopefully love and enjoy. I really was born to be a girl and you can tell by the curves in my body, my sexy tight ass and you just have to love my hand sized breasts that are really waiting for your warm touch. Who cares if I have something in my panties, I can assure you I am pure women with that special surprise. I have a ladyboy pussy that any man can enjoy and you are sure to fall in love with, cum and check it out!

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Former Romanian National Gymnast Champion

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Welcome 5 time Romanian National Gymnast Champion to Sexually Broken! Lea Lexis is beautiful, strong and as sexy as they come.

Bound to an H frame, we take advantage of Lea’s strength and flexibility. She is in the perfect postion to skull fuck and with a slight adjustment we can also fuck that tight, hot pussy of hers.

We warm her up with a bit of heavy flogging, then bend her back over the beam and face fuck the back of her throat. Suction cups make her huge nipple bigger. We add string to her puffed up nipple and pull them out the the frame.

We then attack our sexy gymnast with fingers, vibrators and cock. She suffers orgasm after orgasm. It is a battle royal from face fucking to cumming to fucking to face fucking, it’s a sexual over load. After we wear out a 5 time nation champion gymnast and porn star with orgasms and throat fucking we leave her to suffer in the bondage. A crotch rope is tied back to a neck rope and Lea is severely bent and stuck over the beam, her ability to even breath greatly reduced as she is brought to her very tippy toes to languish.

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Darling’s Wet Foot Dream

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Is she dreaming? All of Darling’s deepest foot fantasies come to life in this sexy lesbian foot fetish movie where foot fetishist Beretta is the answer to all Darling’s burning foot desires. All this movie is is hot, raw, real lesbian sex and foot play!


Exotic Sex Pot, Nikki, Feels Electrosex for the 1st Time!!

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Nikki has been hesitant to try Electrosluts since she started modeling. She’s scared of the unknown, as they all are. But today, we’ve broken her down to try something new, exciting and unknown. She sweats with anticipation. She nervously fidgets in the interview. She has no idea what she is really in for. With both girls dressed in sexy, skin tight latex, they are ready to get this shocking show started. Nikki is secured in a seated position with her arms pulled back and up in a strappato. She wears a HUGE metal ring gag and I’ve wired her metal piercings to conductive rubber bands. This first experience leaves Nikki leaking fluid from every orefice.


Foot obsessed stepmom MILF gets fucked by step daughter!

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Darling is relaxing with a martini after work. Her husband is late at the office again. Thats ok, her step daughter is around to entertain her! Darling instructs her to taste her tantalizing toes and sniff her hard working sweat covered feet! She stuffs a dildo gag in her step daughter’s mouth and teaches her how to give a proper foot job then makes Emma fuck her pussy! Darling is a MILF which means she is horny all the time and totally insatiable! Darling makes her stepdaughters shove her wet foot in her wet pussy until mommy cums all over Emma’s adorable little toes!