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Summer Punishment

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Mz. Berlin punishes bill for his past indiscretions with students Lexi and Amber. She lures him into the ghetto classroom during Summer break so he can scream as loud as possible but there will be no one to hear him! In tight rope bondage, he is flogged, used as a sex object, milked and fucked in the ass.

The Mark of the Cane

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It’s the final day of Tracey Sweet’s week at the farm. The day she receives her first caning.

In the morning as we prepare to shoot, it’s clear the anticipation is eating away at her.

She wants the caning to happen immediately, but she’s not allowed that option. Instead, she will have quiet time gagged and chained to a post in the center of the room to think.

When the time finally comes, the mark of the cane is obvious as soon as it lands across her skin.

Red welts begin to rise all over her ass, thighs and calves.

Bent over and locked down she has no option but to process the intense sensation.


Riding Iron

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From the second you see Zayda J in her hot red dress you can tell this is going to be a good day. PD has her pacing in circles, working on her posture and her form. Every step she takes is supposed to be a study in seduction. Each move needs to look natural and unforced, no matter the circumstances. She has to be able to maintain her composure without fail. That means she can expect PD to break her with his training. He is going to remake her just the way he wants her. A seductive little walking, talking fuck-toy.