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Double Blind Study Part 3

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Our subjects wanted to test their endurance. We place them in the tiniest of cages. Unable to move an inch. Legs cramped up. How long will they last? What will break first, their mind or their body?

Next, a study of pain and remorse. The members want Dixon to feel sorry for abandoning Elise at the beginning of the study. What measures can Jack Hammer and Cyd Black take to get someone to feel and express true remorse?

Lastly, service. How well can these bitches pleasure a man? Luckily we’ve got Jack here with his 10 inch cock. He trains these girls on how to take a huge dick deep down the throat with some real improvement. Then Elise receives ‘the ass fucking of her life’.

The results of this study are varied and inconclusive…it appears that we’ll have to repeat the experiment.


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Training Time

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Casey Calvert is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of being a slave. She is a hot 23-year old that loves being a slave so much that she does it for a living, as well as at home. I taught her some new positions to take with her after this Training Time, little ways to prepare her body for inspection.

Casey lives a life of orgasm denial. Her master doesn’t let her cum very often so I know I can make her work for it. I give her strict instructions to warn me before she gets off and then I tease the shit out of her pussy until she is right on edge. If she can take the bondage and discipline I have planned, then MAYBE she will get the chance to orgasm.

Who am I kidding, though? I know I’m going to let her feel the release. What I’m not going to do is let her do it on her own terms. She is going to have to cum when I tell her and as many times as I want her to. She is used to not having control over her own body, which makes her incredibly obedient.


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Michele moist dips her fist into Leona’s sweet pussy

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Michelle is sitting outside having a drink and sees the lovely Leona Lee. Michelle invites her over to have a drink with her and she cant take her eyes off her stockings and suspenders that are cheekily on display. Its not long before the pair retreat to Michelle’s studio for a bit of fun, frolics and fisting. Leona is feeling rather jovial as Michelle dips her oiled up fist right past the wrist into Leona’s throbbing pussy.

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Cocksuckers take the CoUNT!

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Skin Diamond and Cherry Torn take the ultimate walk of shame up a stairwell packed with horny hipsters. They perform a cock swallowing contest while the unruly onlookers count and cheer them on. The two whores slowly crawl up the stairs- disgraced, prodded and grabbed every step of the way. They eat each others cunts like it’s their last meal, and get ruthlessly fucked like the dirty skanks they are. The Hipsters watch in disbelief as the girls get fisted and squirt all over- definitely something to #hashtag!

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Your mistress is here

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Be a good boy now and come closer! Your mistress, Kathia is here, and she wants to be pleased. So get down on your knees and be ready to do anything she wants! You don’t want to be punished, right? You want your Mistress to be content and happy! You wanna touch those tits, you want to please that pussy! So be a good slave and submit to your Mistress!

Titty Sundae

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‘You look a little hungry. Are you ready for a nice, sticky treat?’ You better be, because Monique doesn’t make her special titty sundae for just anyone. Make sure you bring your appetite too because Monique has a lot of tit to eat. Things are going to get messy, so Monique makes sure to remove all her clothes. Your mouth will water and your cock will harden as she douses her tits with whip cream, sprinkles and of course, a cherry on top. ‘Now why don’t you come over here and eat my cherry?‘ says Monique. Her wish is fulfilled, and so are yours as she gets her creamy tits and tight pussy fucked hard and fast.

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Hot toon sluts are in some group action

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Now just imagine being out in the woods and coming across this horny purple haired babe. Now do not get the impression that only cartoon babes can do these kinds of naughty things. Trust me, there are real girls out there who do these things too, but you must like fantasy porn, or hot cartoon babes, or you would not be here reading this! This particular whore loves group sex, and when she fucks, she takes a big dick deep in her asshole, getting a gaping butthole, and especially in her tight pussy, because it is so wet and juicy and slippery that she almost immediately cums on that cock, including the one stuck in her butt. While she enjoys some DP (double penetration), she gets face fucked at the same time! What a horny cartoon slut.

There is also a hot group fuck scene with this horny girl with short blue hair and huge round boobs. She sucks a cock and strokes it at the same time, but there are also at least 5 cocks pointing at her, ready to give her a cum shower. She gets fucked so hard that she cums on a hard cock while her titties bounce all over.

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Desperate Acts of Submission

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Lyla Storm explores her BDSM fantasy with Xander Corvus in this powerful and erotic scene! She has a lot of fun getting completely into the role-play where she transforms form an innocent girl who is helplessly caged, into a totally broken down and wrecked slave slut. Lyla experiences intense sexual pleasure mixed with cruel domination. Featuring some of our greatest rough and messy deep throat face fucking! Also our new custom stock bed which completely immobilized Lyla for relentless fucking and anal sex!


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The Crazy Chix Show – part 2

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The Crazy Chix Show is one popular program for every BDSM lover. The shy girls, the challenges, the big money they can fight for is a major entertainment, and things get even better when Frank and Gabriel find someone as pretty as Jalace. Join to the show today to see how far this pretty cutie is willing to go.

Operation Desert Anal: A Feature Presentation: Two Beautiful Girls Brutally Fucked in the Desert

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Lyla Storm, Casey Calvert and James Deen return for a very special feature presentation with AMAZING rough sex and interaction. Casey Calvert is a war reporter who lives out her fantasy when she goes deep into forbidden enemy territory looking for a hot story. She takes photographs of what looks like a POW girl, Lyla Storm, who is naked and being fucked hard and dominated by some of the rebel soldiers. Casey then tries to leave and gets caught by a soldier who ties her up, interrogates her and fucks her into oblivion. Both girls are then tied up together and get the fuck of a lifetime. This is one story this bad journalist will not be writing about!


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My favorite body part is pussy

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Yay, here’s Shaylee! I’m twenty and do fashion modeling. Everyone is crazy for my skinny figure but my favorite body part on me is my pussy! I call it “my kittycat” and pet it every morning. Missing a morning orgasm means a bad day for me! So come on in and check out how I treat my purring little pussycat… you’ll see lots of rubbing, touching, squeezing until I reach orgasm!


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Punishing the Bad Girl, Day One

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It is a sad day indeed when a defective House Slave is sent back to the basement to be re-trained. The House rules, the positions, the discipline – these things are in place for a reason. They provide a coherent structure, a sense of organization, they are the spine of the House itself. A properly functioning House Slave is more than a fuck slut, more than a well disciplined hole to fuck. A House Slave is a Symbol for the Traditions of the Leather Culture. A nod to the Elders. A House Slave is a reminder that we are all servants to something greater than ourselves. When this Symbol is tarnished, it is our Duty to take note. To pick that degraded slave up and improve it. Polish it. Empower it. But first, it must be Punished.

Lyla Storm’s recent performance on was an embarrassment to the House. She is a disgrace to her position and to her uniform. She has been busted from Senior House Slave of the Upper Floor to lowly Trainee in the Basement. She is defective. She not only broke the rules, she does not even remember what the rules are. I take this an affront and I consider it my personal duty fix this broken piece of property.


The Defect is humiliated and conditioned to understand that she was indeed and Bad Girl. She is to be torn down and re-built again, better than before. By the time we are through she will never forget those three little words again: Honorific, Eyeline, Deportment.

Her cunt and mouth are reamed with a huge rubber cock, her body is tied, twisted and bound into horrible positions of endurance and pain. Her orgasms are denied and then overwhelming. She is made to sweat buckets and squirt puddles of cunt juice out onto our filthy floor. She is a bad, bad girl. But she will get better.


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Squirt Couch Destroys The McCray

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Welcome Marie McCray back to Sexually Broken. We love sexy natural irish red heads, but we love tying them up and fucking them even more!

Bound in a technically perfect Japanese box tie, McCray is totally helpless and not stressed. The bondage is perfectly secure but not so tight that she will need to come out anytime soon, she is 100% helpless.

With such a cute face, let’s fuck it up. We bag her head with a stocking and cover her eyes so she has no idea what to expect. And she doesn’t expect what cums next. A brutal sexual attack that leaves her out of breath, and laying in her own squirt and cum.

This is bondage and rough consensual sex at it’s best; a devastating throat fucking and brutal manhandling. Marie is tossed around like a rag doll and fucked hard and well. She cums multiple times and sucks cock in every position you can think of, this girl goes through a gauntlet of cock, all blind folded. She has to take it and she takes it like a pro!

In the end we finger blast her pussy and make her squirt over and over. She has nothing left, each hole fucked out and laying in her own juices from each hole.

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Nurse Gor!

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Sexy nude ladyboys! Ladyboy Fon is a horny Pattaya tgirl with a sexy body,budding hormone tits, a juicy ass and a hard cum filled cock! Ladyboy Gor, this week as sexy Nurse Gor, is a beautiful shemale with a sexy body, big tits, a sexy ass and a big hard cock! See her cumshot inside! Ladyboy Juy is a sexy Asian TS with a hot body, big breasts, a sexy ass and a hard cock! See it dripping of cum inside! Ladyboy Maccine is a sexy slim Philippina tgirl with a smooth body, firm ass and sexy small tits! Ladyboy Marika is a hot Asian shemale with a sexy body and a big hard cock! Enjoy!

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NudeFightClub backstage

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A triple fight means that each girl has got to battle two for dominance! Watch as they give each other their most intimidating glares as they say, “come on bitch! you think you can take me?” The violence unfolds as three girls grab hair, arms, legs, whatever they can for a chance to get the other two to do what they want…who will win this one?

A secretary’s duty

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This is her first day in her new job, no wonder Shanis is pretty excited. She arrives at the office early to ask her boss Kid Jamaica about her her duties and responsibilities. Kid will surely tell her what a good secretary needs to do: she must make a good coffee and as usual, occassionally blow him in his office during lunch break! Shanis understands excellently what she has to do and she makes a step further that is even giving him and other executives a nice fuck!

Welcome Shiho Kanda!

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Another dazzling debutant for you lucky people today! Introducing the beautiful Shiho Kanda. We are awaiting some further bio details for this girl but what we do know is she is as cute as a button with her slender frame, kissable lips and tight little ass. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of this newhalf cutie in the very near future!


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No Panty Creampie

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Donut isn’t wearing panties under her miniskirt, making it easier to bareback her! Her petite cock dangles as she wraps her lips around cock. Donut greedily gives a rimjob, then goes facedown and ass up for a gaping bareback. Her asshole winks as cock movies in and out of her sexhole.

Donut strokes her cock, spurting sticky cum on her belly. The cum is scooped up and used as fuck lube. She holds her buns wide open as a big load of cum is pumped up her unprotected anus. The cock is reinserted and cum pushed deep inside Donut’s gaping cum dripping slut hole.

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Dressed in her all pink undergarment, Gina Devine came and conquered us all. The girl is smoking hot, and naughty as sin itself, someone who was made to pose in front of our cameras. No question, Gina’s curves made us hang on to our zippers with both hands, and the show she gave us melt our brain down. Amazing!

Twisted Sensations

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Newcomer to the fetish and bondage scene, Sheena Shaw joins FetishNation a bondage virgin and left a shiny wet bondage slut.

For her very first scene, we decided to tie her hot little flexible body into the most challenging positions she could do, which she responded to with a ready willingness and a gorgeous smile. For a burgeoning bondage bunny, these positions are high on the intensity scale and you have to give her points for how well she pulled it off.

What this slutty little redhead does with such a naughty twinkle in her eye is well worth drooling over. We were really impressed with not only her flexibility but also her willingness to endure extremely challenging and vulnerable positions to be bound in. Watching her with one leg frog tied and the other ankle crossed up behind her head, exposing her sweet little pussy, I know you can just imagine diving right in to taste her glistening box. As I instructed her on how to pose, snapping away with my camera, I could feel her experiencing her loss of control and eagerness to please as an enormous turn on.

Over the course of our bondage afternoon, tight ropes and stern direction showed what a true BDSM slut Sheena turned out to be. Enjoy the foreplay.

Sparkling Pleasure

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Sweet, sparkling champagne, curvy, smooth bodies, arousing sensuality. Kari Sweets and Tess Lyndon offer all these and even more while they taste champagne from the skin of each other, adding a bit more pleasure to an already mesmerizing lesbian session. Where else would champagne be tastier than from the sweet pussy of a beautiful girl?