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Time for Prize Round. Winner gets the ultimate prize:pound loser pussy

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Team Blue is victorious. Isamar and Beretta scored more points, had more fingers in the pussy and licked more tits and ass than team yellow did and now they get their prize. They get to fuck the losers in front of all those rowdy audience members. Isamar and Beretta are the winners and Cheyenne Jewel and Sahara Rain are the losers. But we need to know who the loser of losers are. They can’t be equal losers, one must be the loser of all losers. So the Ref makes Cheyenne and Sahara battle it out for the title of #1 loser in a sex fight. They are told to trib ( scissor fuck) each other. The first one to cum is the biggest loser!! They go at it! loser gets the sweaty shoe from the hard working winner shoved in her face. Sahara is put in front of Cheyenne Jewel’s bountiful booty and not allowed to lick or kiss it. She is only allowed to sniff it. Tonight we’re all about sniffing sweaty things!


Anal training of Karen & Ioana

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Ioana is such a sad puppy. Her boyfriend left her and she feels herself ugly and useless. She is lucky that her friends are there to pull her out from the misery. Karen and Ian proves Ioana that she is very pretty and some people are still care about her, while they lick, and fuck the girls pussy and ass, leaving them dripping with cum.

Overtime in the office

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They say that work relationship is not a good idea in general, but it is damn exciting. Today both Johnny and Phoenix work late, they have a project to finish and it puts a lot of stress on them. Then all the sudden Phoenix finds out an interesting idea… and soon they are both nude, and choke their stress into an awesome, wild sex.

Teaching Berinice

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I’m pretty sure many of you heard about Berinice. She is beautiful, she is horny, and today she signed up for a pussy stretching fisting session with the assistance of the the professional fisting trainer, Blue Angel. After proving the flexibility of her kitty with a mega sized dildo, Berinice swaps the toy with Angel’s hand and the two won’t stop until a satisfying orgasm.

Super cute ladyboy gets sucked and fucked

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Lonely.. I am so lonely.. Picky Pear is a demanding dame, when she wants a ‘big cock’ massage, she wont stop pouting til she gets one! Lucky for this teen tranny slut our very own Double O has been masquerading as a camp masseuse named Justin (anything to get his hands on more barely legal ladyboys). His cover is soon blown, as is Pears pretty pork pole, as 00 drops to his knees munching on her tasty cock and fingering that tight ass open, ready to take a proud pounding, and plastering her with his own salty warm massage cream..

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Winsome celebrity cartoon from Day The Earth Stood Still getting nailed doggy style on the balcony

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What can you do when the aliens visit Earth? You can either run and try to hide or you can fuck, fuck and fuck some more! This is exactly what the characters from »The Day The Earth Stood Still« are doing in this erotic comic remake. They are fucking like crazy and they have no intentions to stop it!

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Introducing Hina Misaki

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Hina is 22 years young and still in university studying IT. Only recently she debuted as an industry newbie with an exclusive newhalf escort agency based in Tokyo. At first glace Hina is a quiet, normal girl, however when switched-on, she can transform herself into a captivating, bewitching, potentially wild woman. Her hobbies are collecting antiques and playing computer games. She is also a very keen cyclist, often enjoying a ride on the coastal road from Tokyo to the sea.


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Anal Exploring

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Two very sexy girls with lots of energy explore their limits in anal sex! Lyla Storm gapes and flower’s from being fucked with big dildos, strap-on and fist. Amber a renowned anal queen, gets filled up with a huge butt plug, takes a fist wrist deep and gapes! Also includes hot spanking, kissing and ass licking.


Discipline Lost: The Return of the Consort

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This House lacks Discipline! Slaves run amok, recklessly eyeballing the dominants, talking back, breaking ranks, leaving their slobber all over creased pant legs. The very fiber of the House is crumbling into Chaos! We need Order, Authority, indeed, Discipline. We need Help. Where is a Major Domo to turn? To the Steward? HE is too busy trying to fuck the slaves to keep them in line! To the Senior Slaves? They lack initiative! We need a more proactive approach.

There was a time when the slaves kept ranks, knew their place, maintained a sense of decorum. We need to recapture that and I am looking squarely to the former Slave Consort, Iona Grace to take up the charge.

But, there are issues. Does she still have the stuff for it? Does she really want it? I intend to find out this night, on the Upper Floor.


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The New Boss

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Sasha Strokes and her enormous dick show off every sex position a hotel room can handle including shoving the guy between the mattresses while she fucks him in doggie! This sexual circus of fucking is the hot debut of Sasha Strokes on Sasha’s cock is so big, you can see it from across the room!

Sebastian is traveling with the new head of Human Resources and the trip has been full of sexual tension from the minute they got in the car. To add to the tension, a long day of driving leaves them in a shitty hotel room with only one bed. As Sebastian drifts off to awkward sleep, his back pressed up against his new boss, he feels her hand slip under the covers and reach for his cock. The pleasure outweighs the risk and Sebastian lets her take his hard cock into her hot mouth until he cums.
And now, Sasha has all the bait she needs to coerce him into pleasing her and every inch of her huge, raging cock.
Sebastian doesn’t even have time to react, Sasha has her cock in his mouth and is working his face like putty. The night drags on for Sebastian who endures ass fucking in every position until his efforts to resist are fucked out of him and turned into pure desire for Sasha’s cum.

Lesbian Art

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There are times, when a setting is unnecessary. Any colors, any props would just ruin the sight. This is a situation like this. We don’t need anything else, when we have the marvelous Sandy, and her burning hot lover, Georgia Jones for us. The girls eat out each other for us, for the camera, and most importantly, for you. So lay back and enjoy the show.

The monster fucks blonde chick at this Japanese manga

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A hot blonde chick is dreaming away at night as she sleeps a deep sleep. Her sexual desires become a nightmare! A monster appears in her dream, a very frightening creature of some kind of nature. He begins to grope her and touch all over her hot body, this monster wanted this blonde hottie in the worst way and there was no way for her to fight the beastly thing off of her since his power in strength was so great. His massive erection scared her at the first sight of it. There was no way it was going to fit inside her tight twat, she thought.

The ugly creature of the night didn`t think twice, he knew he would make it fit, no matter how tight it was! Her nipples became very erect and stood about an inch in the air, she was strangely excited about this horrific nightmare.


Freaky ladyboy fucks herself with whip handle

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What’s better than seeing a tall, slim Asian chick in leather and PVC bondage gear? How about a tall, slim Asian chick in leather and PVC bondage gear and a 9 inch meaty surprise hammocked in her posing pouch! With wrist restraints, blindfold and a bobble handled cat whip, which doubles up as a mean ass pounding dildo, I’m ready for a crazy night of pleasure and pain! Now I just need a versatile guy – and I play hard so you’ve got to be very good submissive, or very very bad Master! – I’ll be here, waiting with my leather chaps strapped up my parted thighs, my hung cock in one hand and my whip handle slowly probing my tight tranny ass hole.

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Glorious German Butthole

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Katja Kassin has a magnificent big round ass and a butthole that can be stuffed with large toys! This sexy German girl suffers beautifully to the skillful and sadistic Bobbi Starr who always loves to play hard with a willing anal slut. Includes rough anal sex, strap-on, anal fisting, anal speculum, ass worship and more!

Treasure chest

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Bijou is a true gem, let’s not be deceived by her name. She loves to act naughty, and she has a mature lover to fulfill her wildest dreams with… Just watch as the young hottie entangles with the experienced lady, until the two collapse in an orgasmic heap! Pure joy for all old-young lesbian fans, just like you and us!

Anal teen angel Dezy

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Dezy is cute, with our without makeup, and why she is busy painting her young face, Dima wathces her. The longer he watch, the more aroused he will be and she reach a point when he cannot hold himself back any longer and make his move. Dezy is happy for the gentle care and the two fucks through the whole day.

The Slave Trader

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Frank is a top notch slave trader, offering his own property for some action for those willing to pay. Mugur and Antonio are craving for some limitless fun, and Karen is a beautiful merchandise to have for a short time. Paying good money for it, the two guys get the key to her cage to have the girl in their own way.

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FootsieBabes backstage

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Hello dear precious members it’s the end of the month again so you probably know that another exclusive backstage update is coming! So if you’re a fan of these updates you won’t be disappointed this time as we will show you what happened at our hard working studio and let you take a little insight what our hot models’ are up to during the shootings!

Bound Thing

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There is no air of affection when PD decides he wants something from Claire Adams. This is not some romantic rendezvous. She is his property. He is her master. That is all she needs to know. Any demands he makes of her are going to be of the most brutal kind. He likes to hear the sweet sounds of her suffering. He had OT bring this bitch up to his farm especially for this, and he is going to make sure it was worth it.

Worship In The Boys Room

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Gia Dimarco searches for prey in the city and seduces Christian Wilde unknowingly rendering him helpless with her beautiful feet! Christian can’t help himself once her patent leather stilettos, sweaty sheer stockings come off to reveal her petite and defined high arched peds! Lots of worship with licking, sniffing, kissing and foot on cock tease. Gia demands he fucks her giving her plenty of orgasms with toe scrunches and spreads when she comes. Christian is rewarded with a hot foot pussy foot job and cums just from her feet all over her toes! Gia slides her cum covered feet back in her shoes and leaves Christian there trying to figure out what just happened!


Fantasy Fufillment Service – Beautiful Law Student Pays Big Money for Gang Bang Fantasy

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Amy Brooke plays a beautiful law student with a fantasy she is dying to have fulfilled. She has always dreamed of being taken down in her home and used as a sex toy, but been unable to make it happen. Finally she finds a Fantasy Fulfillment Agency that can make her dreams come true! Update includes fantasy take down scene, sex in bondage, double penetration, double anal, and more!