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Brand New Beauty Bound in Overwhelming Orgasms

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The camera likes Dallas Blaze, allot. Her firm, full ass and tits fill out her lean, tan body and make my dick so hard that I can barely tie the knots. I take my time busting this beauty out of those tight clothes and putting her pussy through the paces in tight bondage. She loves the spanks and the flogger, loves to give up control to the bondage and be manhandled.

When I finally spread that tight pussy open with rope and start going to work with a big dick on a stick, she reacts like it’s the first time she was ever fucked. Wonderful.


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Testing Melody Jordan-Live Shoot

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Melody petitioned to be trained, so we made a live shoot out of it for the members to decide if she should receive it. She is given basic instruction on protocol, then we test her pain tolerance and her ability to process it. Maestro wants to test her cock sucking skills and pushes her to the ground to fuck her mouth. We put her in a partial suspension with her legs split for easy access to her pussy. The torment continues to see how dedicated to the process she is. Her body is contorted in a brutal doggy style so that she can be fucked into submission.

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Free streaming xnxx porn videos

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Tropical Fever Part 2

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It is a wonderful weather out there and the exotic Asian beauty, Katsuni decides to go out and get an early tan. But the feeling as the early spring wind tickles her skin gives the girl some arousing, hot ideas and her fingers go for a naughty trip all over her body. After all, she is alone at home, nobody there to disturb her. But is she really alone?

Natassia Dream – sex therapy

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Greg is 18 and a virgin. He wants so desperately to impress girls but just seems to fail every time. Natassia is a professional sex therapist with more than a few tricks up her sleeve to help Greg – one of which is her hard cock that he has no idea is waiting in her silk panties for him. First they role play how to pick someone up but it’s painfully clear, that Greg is not going to get laid with his awkward one-liners. Though he may be painfully shy, Natassia finds him too tempting to resist and preys on his vulnerability. She fucks his mouth and then uses him like a rag doll all around the room fucking his tight ass in all kinds of positions. Greg may never learn how to succeed with women,but he will never forget all the help he got trying.

Cute Asians Tit Wank

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The asian babe in this vdei is really cute and she has some epic tits on her. I found this porn video on my mobile so thought I would share it with you guys as i sure enjoyed it. Watching this asain beauty covered in oil and playing with her tits was a huge turn on. She slowly sucks this guys cock and gives him a tit want. There is nothing hotter than a girls tits covered in oil and your cock between then!

Anal teen angel Nicole Love

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Nicole Love’s favorite position is lying on the carpet, her head pushed into the fiber, her panties down just a little bit, and having a young hunk, preferrably with a huge dick thrust into her perfect teen ass as hard as possible. Well, what can I say, at 21th Sextury, we make dreams possible! Nicole won’t be able to walk right for a few days, but according to her, it was worth it!

Completely orgasmed OUT OF HER MIND! Sexually Broken doesn’t even come close to describing it!!

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Vicki Chase returns to the pages of Sexually Broken for one of the hottest orgasm overload scenes we have ever shot. No one, not even Vicki herself, had any idea she could could be made to cum so hard and so often.

Completely helpless, bound so her pussy and mouth can both be fucked and resting on a custom metal bondage piece, Vicki find herself totally at our mercy. We start with a vibrator directly on her clit. We are going to over sex another porn star to oblivion.

We make Vicki cum, it’s that simple. She tries to stop it, but their is nothing she can do but cum. After one particularly hard, screaming, body-spasming orgasm we remove the vibrator and pull out the ball gag that fills her mouth. Then we jam a hard cock down her throat. Dazed from the orgasms, the cock easily slides down her throat.

We fuck Vicki’s cute face like no other site does. We challenge the best cock suckers in the world with hard skull fucking. They always lose but it’s fun watching them try. The cock always wins, and the girls are always left a broken and drooling mess, their eyes staring off to nothing, their brain checked out. A good throat fucking will fuck up the best of them, turning them into mindless sex puppets. This is what we do.

So after the brutal orgasms, and the catastrophic skull fucking, Vicki is already in deep sub space, or cum drunk if you will. We move around to the other side and fuck her wet dripping pussy. Within seconds her body cums again and again. We fuck her hard and all she can do is survive. Rough sex at its best and Vicki responds by cuming harder and harder. We have given her Tourette’s, all she can do now is cum and swear about how hard she is cumming.

We are relentless, we fuck her pussy, make her cum, then move around and deeply fuck her throat. Back and forth, no let up, we run a sexual gauntlet on her and she endures, barely. She is gone, her brain on survival mode. All she is capable of understanding at this point is that she is a vessel for cock and that she can’t stop cumming.

We stop, add clamps to her nipples. Her eyes stare off, drool runs out of her open mouth, she is sex locked. Now we go to town! We bring in the vibrator and Vicki has nothing left to resist. She starts a series of orgasms that cannot be described by words. We over vibrate her to uncountable massive, body jaring orgasms. Orgasms she has never encountered before. Be prepared to see someone left completely destroyed by sex, total annihilation of the body, soul and mind. When we finally stop, Vicki stares at the floor, drool running out of an open mouth. Unable to move, blink, or speak, she just sits there. Somewhere deep in her brain resides the Vicki we know, however it will be some time before she comes back to reality.

WARNING: THIS UPDATE SHOWS INTENSE REAL NON FAKED BRUTAL ORGASMS THAT SEND THE MODEL INTO DEEP SUBSPACE. Be sure to watch the end interview for her own words on what just happened!


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Long cocked Mint tests rides new dildo

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Another day another dildo, God I love this job! I received yet another hard rubber fuck toy in the mail today and couldn’t wait too get it out the wrapping and in my tight behind! I barely had time to get out of my blue top and frilly white dress before I was drooling and desperate to get my legs up in the air and pull my butt cheeks wide open. I left my long leather boots zipped up my calves as I sat back on the desk and let me cock spring out to attention, I was so hard and horny it nearly pierced a hole in the ceiling as I whipped my panties off. Now with the help of a little spit and hard work, I’ll shove this dong so far up my ass it won’t exist!

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Fuck me hard, Ms. Hetty!

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Eliz is a new housewife and she has been very bored lately. But not since she started having an affair with the housewife next door. Hetty has a thing for dildos and she loves to strap it on and fuck hard. So now they have each other to fuck all day and play around when the gentlemen are not home. No wonder they are so happy, they’ve even stopped nagging their husbands for no sex!

This Is Not A Drill… It’s a DRILLDO!

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Mason is a construction worker doing a job on Sarah’s kitchen. Unfortunately, Sarah’s a fussy little whore who’s constantly changing her mind over what she wants. Finally, Mason decides she can’t take it anymore and decides to put Sarah in her proper place – on her knees with her ass spread wide open for Mason’s DILDO ON A DRILL! Click here to check out free video preview!

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Ayane starts work at Kazuto’s house as a maid, but we all know what that means, Kazuto’s at it again, boffing those beauties day and night. Seems he has a little more then a sex thing with Momiji. He wants her over Ayane. Well, that fire’s up the competition. Which girl can make the other girl twiddle in the middle first? Katzuto promises to make whoppee with the one who who wins. Who will it be?


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After hours

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After party with Carla Cox and White Angel? Prepare for a wild night out! These girls are always ready for fun… So after party they continued to play – together! Now watch how White Angel’s tight teenage pussy is being stretched by Carla’s fingers, wow! Dripping pussyjuice all over the place!

Remy LeCroix in One of her Last Scenes in Porn Ever!

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As some of you may know, Remy LaCroix retired from the industry a few months ago. We got her on one of her last days. It was obvious she she was “over” the industry. We almost sent her home, but have you seen her naked? This is our last scene from “Amateur Hour” and one of the last new scenes you will ever see of this cute freckled face and amazing luscious ass. Unless she un-retires of course…

Severely bound in a back breaking, neck wrenching tie, Remy is impaled on a huge dildo with a powerful vibrator positioned purrrfectly on her clit. It is a delicious double bind, predicament bondage at its best.

She must use her arm strength to keep herself up, or her neck is pulled back to a position where it gets impossible for her to breathe. As she weakens, she loses the the ability to take full breaths. As she loses the ability to take full breaths, she weakens. It’s a beautiful vicious circle of awesome. Did we mention the vibrator making her cum over and over while this is all going on? Did we mention the brutal skull fucking she endures while trying to breathe? It is a sexual overload, all designed to overcome Remy on every front! Devastatingly intense! With all that going on we still find time to cane her feet and abuse her puffy little nipples. The world will no doubt miss this sexy porn kitten.

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Antonio is dominating Sheala

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Sheala begged Antonio to let her be his slave, he told her that she couldn’t take it but Sheala is dying to feel how Antonio subordinates her. She’s all tied up and feeling the pain he inflicts onto her as he makes her give blow jobs. And if that’s not enough he will tie her up and torture her breasts into submission with evil pins. Watch Antonio get off from hearing Sheala’s screams…

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Cute little Casey Calvert gets bound, brutally skull fucked, made to cum and beg. Sub-spaced hard!

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Little Casey Calvert is new to the porn industry. She started out doing bondage modeling. Soon after, she made the jump to full boy/girl porn and hasn’t looked back. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone this beautiful and hot is a raging bondage slut.

This is the Meet and Greet with Casey. We do all the tying on screen and all the action happens in “real time”. We do edit it but, the scene is a flowing ad lib work of art that transpires before your eyes. From fully dressed to sexually destroyed, and you feel part of the action as you watch it play out in real time.

We make Casey put on her own gag, a huge ring. Then we make her blindfold herself. Before she realizes what is happening she is severely bound elbows touching, on her knees, and being throat fucked. She is completely helpless. The gag hold her mouth wide open, as the cock slides to the back of her throat and beyond.

The skull fucking is intense, poor little Casey has never had her skull fucked so hard and rough. We turn her throat into a pussy as the cock shows no mercy. Casey struggles, the hard cock punishing her tight throat. Casey finds her self loopy, disorientated as the cock robs her of her need air. Soon Casey is a drooling, eyes crossed and out of focus suck slut.

We pick Casey up off the floor and bend her over a padded stool. With her head up side down, the cock easily slides deeper down her throat. Huge globs of deep throat spit are now covering her entire face. Casey can do nothing at all but open her mouth for the skull fucking of a lifetime. We quickly move to the other side and the cock slides balls deep into her wet pussy, within seconds her first orgasm rips apart the last of her sanity, and now sweet innocent little Casey is a sex slave, we can make her do anything we want, her will has been broken and we own her sexual soul.

We never let up, we fuck her pussy, she cums, we move around and fuck her throat, she flashes, we fuck her pussy again, over and over, until liquid is dripping out of every hole and she is staring blankly into nothingness as the cock own hers. She is in sexual survivor cum mode, just a moaning and orgasming whore.

We tighten up the bondage and Casey find herself immobilized in a back arching tie from hell. The vibrator is pulled out and applied. Casey is transformed into a screaming cumming banshee, as we rip orgasm after orgasm out of her taunt tight helpless body. In the end Casey breath is labored, she is covered in her own spit and drool, her body still twitching involuntarily from the sexual overload we dropped upon her. She will recover, but we own her sexual soul, it is ours to do with what we please, when we please…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!