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Sienna Suffers Beautifully

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Sienna suffers beautifully as she struggles to meet Chanta’s high expectations. A true submissive at heart, Sienna is only just beginning to discover this side of herself and finds the journey very emotional. With her tits pulling her up and her hands tied behind her back she is flogged repeatedly before Chanta thrusts the magic wand on to her swollen clit and rips an orgasm out of her wet pussy. The mixture of pleasure with pain is addictive so the bondage is made harder. A knee point doggy tie complete with head pulled back and nipple clamps could dominate a girl on it’s own but Sienna must also take face slapping and rough strapon sex. Once completely fucked she cleans off the dildo like a good girl. This is a BONUS update as the shoot the was finished early. Please enjoy the 2 great scenes we did get with Sienna!

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Sugar pie honey Simone

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Simone takes a short vacation at a friend’s house located by the beach. She brings out her bikini and heads outside for a walk on the beach. She is about to leave when her friend’s brother opens the door to come in. Seeing her in a bikini, the guy suddenly sticks her dick into her mouth and pumps away at her face. Turned on, Simone lies down on the couch and opens her legs for his meat. “This is the most unforgettable vacation I’ve ever had,” says Simone.

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We call this piece “Hogtied” as a tribute to one of our favorite bondage positions but for Claire Dames that will hardly be the extent of her day. She will be bound on her knees, belly, and back; around her legs, tits, arms, and face; and in every other way that Cyd Black can think of. He is going to wind the rope around her in ways she never thought imaginable.

Best of all this bondage is not just for show. It is designed to maximize his ability to torment her. It leaves her tits open for nipple pumps, her feet and legs open to caning and her cunt open for so much more. That is really the point of putting Claire in such restrictive rope work. It keeps her perfectly positioned for every torment.


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Cum Guzzling Euro trash Whore, Hanna Montada, gets fucked like a sex doll in busy urban Madrid

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Euro trash street whore, Hanna Montada, with hands bound to her own collar, is humiliated and put on display in the busy streets of Madrid. Omar takes his cunt bitch and loans her to Steve. It doesn’t matter that she can’t speak any English because her throat is always stuffed with a huge COCK. Like a true prostitute, she is chased away by people threatening to call the police, but not before getting face fucked in her sex doll mouth until the last moment when they make their escape. They travel through Madrid to an outdoor area where Hanna is whipped, beaten, slapped, and fucked in front of unsuspecting passersby. She’s more disgusting than Euro Trash, she’s compost. Steve takes her anyway he wants in this filthy outdoor fuck fest. Steve decides he’s ready to show her off and bitch slaps the shit out of his worthless cunt whore. This slut is so dick hungry that she rides his cock like a rabid animal and gobbles his jiz down like a protein shake. It doesn’t get any trashier than Hanna Montada – little public virgin no more.

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