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Beautiful blonde babe cam model

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Revenge on Riley

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In this extreme and very realistically acted out fantasy role play, Riley Evans, a sexy boss, is ravished by the man she fired. Riley is very impressive as the damsel in distress and Mr. Pete is in top form as the aggressor. Action packed with lots of rough sex, bondage, face fucking, anal pounding and a very satisfied Riley Evans who sexual fantasy is fulfilled!

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Just For Her

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It had been a long day at work and the only thing I wanted to do when I got home was take a shower. My wife, Jean, was a little upset, she was in the midst of preparing a really nice meal but I was feeling hot and sweaty and really needed a good wash. As I showered I notice that I was out of my regular shampoo and instinctively reach for my wife’s shampoo thinking that the worst thing that could happen is my hair would smell a little fruity. After I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and it trickled down over my wet body, I realized something was seriously wrong and I began to scream like a girl! ‘Waht the fuck!’ it was like the shampoo had turned me into a shemale! I looked at the bottle again and it said strictly for women only, may turn dudes into shemales! My jaw dropped and so did my wife’s, as she stood in the doorway looking at my new feminina body. Suddenly I noticed Jean was oggling my new shemale body like it was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. Before I could say anything she was in the shower with me, stroking my hard cock and sucking on my new tits, and it felt fantastic! I had never felt anything that good before in my life and the original shock was gone. She sucked my cock for a while before I pulled her up and pressed her against the wall, fucking her deeply as our breasts rubbed together. I bent her over and fucked her doggy style, cumming deep inside her pussy in the warm water of the shower. Damn, that was good shampoo.

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Private Vin

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Military Interrogator Mika Tan is not fucking around with her methods of extracting information from insolent soldiers. When Vin refuses to admit to masturbating to images of bound women, Mika re-enacts one of the pictures… except now he is the one tied up with weights hanging from his genitals. Gagged, flogged and generally humiliated is how Mika likes her subjects. For this is when she can begin to use them as sex slaves, not men, but rather worthless pieces of meat with hard on’s that she can ride for her own pleasure. When Vin cums without asking permission, his ejaculate is fed to him and he is bent over and once more gagged. Mika takes her frustration out on Vin’s ass with deep, hard, fast strokes of her strapon cock as he screams like a little bitch should.

Bikini Love Lesbian Fuck

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Mo and Honey take on a horny guy! The girls are back from the pool and horny. First they give a tag team blowjob. After undressing each other the girls take turns filming each fucking. These two gorgeous post-op pinups end up with a load of cum all over their sexy brown asses!

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