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Militant ladyboy getting ass pounded

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After 7 years as a hostage to a camp militant group, Double O has ass fucked a lot of gay guards. But now sexy ladyboy Sergant Nin is getting jealous and has ordered him to fuck her ass off. Swearing to do it for his country (or any country that will have him!), 00 shags shemale Nin with all his might, sucking her chunky cock with horny determination and plough her pulsating ass hole until she’s gagging for a creamy spunk facial.After 7 years as a hostage to a camp militant group, Double O has ass fucked a lot of gay guards. But now sexy ladyboy Sergant Nin is getting jealous and has ordered him to fuck her ass off. Swearing to do it for his country (or any country that will have him!), 00 shags shemale Nin with all his might, sucking her chunky cock with horny determination and plough her pulsating ass hole until she’s gagging for a creamy spunk facial.

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Chelsea Rae & Erica Vuitton

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I turned my back for one second and the help is fucking off……………..literally. Instead of cleaning up Erika Vuttion got real comfortable and I caught her masturbating on my time! She got real defensive when I confronted her and I could see in her eyes that she was about to kick my white ass. I was about to make lemons into lemonade and my nose was soon face to face with delicious black pussy. I went from dominant boss to submissive white slut in about 5 seconds and part of me was loving it. I put my hands on that firm black ass and spread her cheeks so I could lick that black crack up and down, side to side. She was risking termination in the way she was talking down to me but the rules were thrown out the window along with my heterosexuality. There was no lunch break as I was jamming one of her toys up her black slit and her fat black titties were jiggling all over the work area. Click here to see free gallery.

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Sensual Surrender

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Emily Addison is amazing. I shot this set last month of her in downtown L.A. She is a captivating creature, sexual and quite funny. Before I tie her, I have her sit on the red leather in couch in bra, panties and heels. I want to capture her sexuality. Before I even lift the camera to take the first frame Emily spreads her legs and smiles. As I click away there’s a wicked little grin forming on Emily’s pretty face. First, it’s just a hand down her panties and then the panties stripped off. Emily enjoys being the show, she’s like watching liquid sex. Emily knows just how this will end and asks for it. I think one of the sexiest things is for a woman to ask to be tied and Emily does not disappoint.

Gardeners’ Job

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*** MEMBERS’ REQUEST! *** Slutty little Nataly loves the attention. She doesn’t mind that the two gardeners staring at her, while she drops down her cloth to show off with her smooth, naked body. But maybe it is not simply attention hunting, maybe the hot bombshell has a purpose. Well, she surely manage to lure the two horny gardeners into the house for a nice pussy/ass double penetration fun.

Awesome Cumshot

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ladyboycrushName: A
Age: 22
City: Bangkok
Bar: Member’s Only!
Dick Size: Average
Email: Member’s Only!
Phone: Member’s Only!

“A” has that look to her that reminds me of a typical “SuperModel”. Ladyboys with this look appear to be slightly bored and superior, as if they have better things to do, and better people to do it with. It never fails, I always get the sudden desire to push them to their knees and stick my cock down their throat… with maybe a few slaps in their face with my cock.

I behaved though, and was rewarded with “A” writhing around, giving the camera some uber sexy looks, and wiggling out of her clothes. The rewards got better when she started tugging on her meat, and ended up giving a hotass cumshot. Check out the picture that is a cock close-up, with a single drop of cum hanging. Yummy!

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Gorgeous tattooed Latina Juelz Ventura gets facial

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Brand new starlet Juelz Ventura may be the prettiest Latina we have ever seen. At 1000 Facials beauty is only half the battle, being pretty is important but by itself a sweet looking face is never enough to get the job done. We want sexy sluts with functional attractiveness, the kind of girls who look just as good with a dick deep in their mouths as they do during a magazine photo shoot. Luckilly, Juelz has it all – the adorable smirk, gorgeous smile and the straight-up suck skills that will have your cock about to pop even before she slides her throat half-way down your shaft! Most importantly, Juelz Ventura looks damn good with a big batch of your best jizz spewed all over her tongue and chin! Continue here

Horny Honey Demon in a hardcore maledom fetish act

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Honey Demon was always obsessed to rough sex. She loves it when the man treats her like a whore in the bed and often fantasizes about being taken by someone. This time we will let you peek in one of her dreams while she’s home alone fucking with a dildo! And you can be sure that this slut’s mind is dirty as hell and thinks about being bonded, tortured and fucked hard by some guy…

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Sexy Logistics

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Working in the warehouse and handling all the logistics can be boring. Not a big surprise, that Alison and Antonya find other means to entertain myself. Soon their moans of pleasure echo through the empty warehouse. The two girls fucks each other brain out with their tongue and fingers, oblivious for the fact that Patricia watches them all along.

Smoking Blow Job!

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Berenike is a hot young gal from Europe and loves to suck on big long cocks! We found her by way of a good friend of ours and when we called she was ready right away! In this scene Berenike smokes a cig and sucks a hard cock, nothing wrong with that! BTW Berenike is a first timer!

Facial-Flavor Facial-Flavor Facial-Flavor




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We could talk about Alison as the young hottie of the block. She’s like your neighborhood tight teen who everyone wants to get their hands on when she turns to the right age. Lucky for us that Alison is already in the right age so we can see this supersexy slut getting her tight butt fucked up and stretched out by Ian Scott in this nasty exclusive scene!

Angels Beat Off

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It’s not easy being a full on rock chick. Helena and I started playing with our instruments when we were just teeny girls in a high school band but we’ve come a long way since playing at the prom, ‘Angel Beats Group’ are now blowing the roof off the biggest venues in town. But the buzz is no longer playing our hard rock to all our over excited fans, nor is it the fact we are both hiding a stiff and ridged microphones in our panties, no sir Bob, the best thrill of performing live to such a big audience is having young guy fans coming backstage begging for our autographs. Our autograph policy to young handsome guys is, no sucky, no signy, we demand all buff studs to please us before we give them anything in return. Just last night we had this uber hot guy hanging around outside our dressing room clutching on to a gig poster, hoping to get it signed. Of course, once we saw how hot and horny he was we beckoned him into out lair, I mean dressing room! And we began teasing him, as Helena and I playful began to undress each other and slowly started making out. Even after noticing a cock bulge in our tranny panties the young guy was way too turned on to up and leave, either he wanted that signature real bad or he just couldn’t resist two smoking hot bi shemales making out in their stockings and panties, either way he as soon stripping off and jumping head first into a 3 way suck and fuck orgy. We frolicked and fucked in just about every position imaginable before basking in a rock and roll cum fest that even Motley Crew would have been proud of.

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Checking Out Shemales

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I had so much work to do before my final tomorrow, and so I made my way down to the library. The library was empty, except for a few sexy whispering librarians. But I couldn’t even add them to my spank bank because I was so busy. Apparently that didn’t stop them from adding me to their list of conquests at the library though! They both laid me out on the table, and the mature hotties stripped me down and whipped out my dick to suck on it. Their lips were so perfect that I almost came quickly from both of them sucking me, but they wanted to get off too. That’s when I found out that these MILFs were actually trannies! Their dicks were as big as mine, and now that they sucked me, it was my turn to suck them. I was shocked, but quite turned on by their beauty, so not only did I suck them, but I opened my ass for their dicks and fucked them too! Don’t blame me for anything though; it worked perfectly to help me relax for my test, and their cum might have been the catalyst for me getting my A.

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Smitha Goes EMO

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Smitha comes home to sounds of sex in the house. Nothing new in that house but she finds Priya being fucked by Jenny! Smitha has seen this EMO girl before but had no idea she had a cock thanks to Christine’s formula! Jenny is going to get her formal introduction to the group now!

Sandy’s home alone tonight

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Sandy’s so hot that guys are taking her out all the time, and sometimes she needs a little break from all that attention. When she’s alone, she likes to do what feels good. Tonight she’s super horny so she’s got on her red heels. Don’t miss Sandy masturbating in her living room, giving her pussy maximum pleasure with a little panty stuffing!

Presley Maddox in Fucking My Trainer!

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Presley is a gorgeous young MILF who wants to get in great shape. She was in the office at her gym awaiting her personal trainer’s arrival for her fitness assessment. She said that she wanted to tone up her body with his help. He asked her about her goals and she said that she wanted to work on her butt. He told her that “doggy-style works very well on your butt” and she took the bait.

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Red White and Bareback

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Gorgeous Ladyboy Mint takes a HARD bareback fuck and a mouthful of cum! Mint small tits shake as she’s bent over the chair for a deep drilling. She loves being held down and fucked hard and returns the pleasure by bucking wildly for cowgirl penetration. After Mint stokes the hard cock fast until a HUGE load of sperm shoots directly in the back of her throat. Even Mint is taken aback by the overflow of hot cum.

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Black on Blonde Boinking

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You will get a sexy helping of chocolate and vanilla with this shemale twosome. Anarah and Adryella are both horny t-girls that love sucking shecock as much as they love getting their own sucked on. They get playful undressing each other and fondling the other’s fem dicks. But things between these two heat up real quick and they get serious about getting mouths on those shemeats and fucking each other in their tight back doors until they are hard, throbbing and ready to blow their cream loads.

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Oiled Shemales

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Tina, Naomi and Hyachin were not only the hottest 3 shemales in town, they had also been roommates and best buddies since college. Tina was your typical geek, always studying, always in her glasses, but with a cute pair of hormone titties. Naomi was the classic BBS – big black Shemale – She had a tight figure, big hips, butt and boobs, with spunky blue hair. Hyacinth was the buxom lass of the group, a true full figured beauty and a slutty goth to boot.. Though the trio had been friends for many years, and never kept a secret about the guys they fucked, there was always sexual tension amongst the group.. One afternoon after grocery shopping Tina was in a playful mood, and squirted some veggie oil over Hyacinth, washing over her large cleavage. Before either of them could react Naomi appeared. The sight of seeing Hyacinth’s breast covered in oil had put her into a horny trance and Naomi couldn’t help but grab and massage those large wet tits. In a matter of seconds the girls were all over each other, dropping the shopping to the floor and tearing each other’s clothes off, until all three horndog trannies were writhing in nothing but their stockings and garter belts.. They covered each other in oil, lubing up their tight holes and stroking it down their stiff shafts. Tina and Naomi then held Hyacinth before taking it in turns to fuck her huge titties.. Hyacinth moved to the mirror, to look at her hot bod covered in oil and began to vigorously massage her breasts. But Tina and Naomi weren’t done yet, they followed her, span her around and began to suck her cock and lick out her smooth spread asshole until she covered them back in her spunk!

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Mei cannot get enough pain and humiliation. She does not need to be forced or coerced into anything. All Claire Adams needs to do is make a demand and Mei will step forward in an instant to fulfill her wishes. Not many pain-sluts can withstand the full force of a whip across their body. The kinds of clips and clamps that make most girls burst into tears on sight are the same ones that make Mei wet at the thought. The brutal bondage that others cannot even get into are how Claire keeps Mei in the perfect position to cum.

Massage me bitch

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Are you prepared for some hot lesbian action? Then watch Hadjara and Mandi Dee as they indulge in some erotic massaging which finally turns into cunt and ass licking. Hadjara and Mandi also fetch a pink dildo to insert into their tight anuses. At the end of the massaging session Mandi also gets a nice piss bath from Hadjara!

Kathia Nobili in a hardcore BDSM maledom

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This is not Kathia’s first time, she called us after her appearance that she’d like to try out with guys too. So as she arrived to our studio we agreed on the types of suspension bondages and after a bit of rigging she found herself lifted up in the air, waiting patiently for her Master to arrive. Of course, he didn’t come with empty hands, his wooden clips soon pinched Kathia’s nipples and labias. Blindfolded, she enjoyed the thought of being under full control, not knowing what comes next…!

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