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The Smart Mouthed Bitch

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Claire Dames may not be a true submissive but today she will be worked over with some very harsh lesbian domination including her very first BDSM anal fucking! In the beginning, Claire just can’t keep her smart mouth shut so she is gagged. Weights are hung from her nipples, then her labia and finally her crotch rope. As Chanta is only interested in Claire’s virgin asshole she sees no reason why she should not brutally punish her pussy! After plenty of flogging and face slapping Claire is placed in Japanese rope bondage with an electric plug up her ass. Chanta plays truth or dare with her. For each lie, the shocking in her ass gets more intense until she screams “RED”! Many forced orgasms later, while being sodomized Claire begs for “something nice” and is given a baby oil massage, but this gift comes at a price. The boxes are kicked out from under her feet and she hangs painfully by her wrists!

Blasphemy Part One

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On Ash Wednesday Ashley Graham came to Master A looking for a strong master to teach her some manners. He tells her he is going to punish her if she forgets to call him sir, but her memory is not up to the task. She calls out for God so many times that he decides he wants that to be his new name. It begins a day of intense bondage, painful punishments and blasphemous beatings. Master A is going to redefine the term Bible Thumper.

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Hot little Payton has never been banged so hard in the ass like today. The two horny studs takes turn to fill up her mouth, ass and pussy with their erect cock, demonstrating the beauty of double penetration to the moaning girl. They practically fuck sexy Payton’s brain out, leaving gaping, wet holes, and creaming her asshole full. Splendid action, don’t miss it out!