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Carla Tavares

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Carla is one sexy blonde babe that you really should spend some time with. If you think you’ve seen it all and done it all you really haven’t lived till you’ve got down and dirty with Carla. She’s one babe who definitely wants to bone your ass if you want to have the pleasure of fucking her.

Cum Gusher

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ladyboycrushName: Angie
Age: 26
City: Bangkok
Bar: Member’s Only!
Dick Size: Average
Email: Member’s Only!
Phone: Member’s Only!

Angie has a little bit of something for everyone in this set. You like to see ladyboys smoking? We captured a few shots of her puffing on a cigarette. You like tranny asses stuffed into shiny stuff? Then you’ll be swooning over the skin tight latex shorts she has on. All that is on top of her long, lustrous locks, her sexy titties, her mouth that was made to suck cock, and her ability to gush tons of cum.

In other words, Angie is a ladyboy with a full benefit package. ;) Be sure to check out the video that goes with this set… she shoots so much cum it looks like her dick is a firehose.

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Wish Boner

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London is a housewife who wants to renovate the kitchen, but her husband’s too cheap to spend the money. Her girlfriend later tells her about going on the internet and setting up a wish-list: where guys buy girls things they want. The next day she sets up a wish-list and immediately connects with a guy who has her do some provocative things to get what she wants!

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Lusty ladyboy Monik

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If you saw Monik in the street, could you tell she wasn’t a simple bitch? She has a little “extra”, namely her cock that makes her more special than other simple bitches. This time when her partner saw her cock he became hornier than he was and fucked Monik’s mouth, then her pussy. She is a bit shy, she never goes into one night adventures, but after this time she might change. Many people’s life have changed after having a load of jizz on their bellies!

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Lifestyle Submissive

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Lifestyle submissive Charlotte Vale enjoys being flogged, manhandled and fucked hard while in tight bondage so TJ breaks out the rope and we give her exactly that. Her round ass is whipped and spanked increasingly hard until bright red. Charlotte begs to be able to please her Master and obediently sucks cock when on her knees. Bound on her back with legs spread and her arms in a choke position she is displayed perfectly to be fucked. TJ swaps between pleasuring Charlotte’s pussy and slapping it. Her screams are a mixture of agony and ecstasy. In doggy position, Charlotte is taken from behind. She begs for TJ’s cum so he gags her and shoots a hot load all over her face.

The Reunion

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When the cute little redhead was in high school the older guys picked on him. He was so slim and he looked so much like a girl that they beat him up endlessly and treated him like a girl. They would usually strip him naked and write stuff all over his body. It was embarrassing and humiliating but they understood more than he did that he was really a girl at heart. After graduation he accepted his feminine nature and turned himself into the ultimate woman. When she met those high school bullies again everything was different. They had no idea who she was. Her breasts were big, her figure was perfect, her hair was elegant and she walked like a pure woman. She teased them enough that they were utterly surprised when she turned into a dominant shemale hottie and took them into her home where she would use their assholes for her pleasure. She wrote on them with her marker and made them beg for her cock. Then she fucked them one by one, giving them each some cum to suck on. The shemale beauty had her revenge.

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Locker room fucking

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Jesse’s powers of persuasion are like a hard football hit – you never see it coming and before you know it you’re on the ground, fucked and sore.
Jesse sneaks into the locker room after the big game. She’s been eying the quarterback all day and is ready for more than an autograph. David thinks he’s going to get quick head, cum and soon be telling the story to his teammates over beer and hi-fives.
He couldn’t be more wrong as Jesse straddles her long mini-skirt clad legs over his chest and whips out her cock. With his coach just outside and strict no girls in the locker room rules, Jason has no choice but to suck Jesse’s dick or she’ll scream so loud the coach will most certainly catch them in the act. And if only it ended there. Jesse’s appetite for sex is insatiable and she fucks David, stroking his cock, milking his cum and continuing to fuck his ass until she is ready to pop on his face.

Magical Fairy Tale Shemale Fuck

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He seemed tired from the day’s events, but when he came across a caterpillar sitting on some mushrooms, he was quite intrigued. His leaking cock was telling him something about this magic mushroom, so when he ate it, it transformed him into the shemale he always wanted to be, complete with big tits and a thick, long dick! He loved the way he looked now, and apparently so did the caterpillar, who turned into a gorgeous shemale as well! She fluttered over to Alice now and took a hold of her long locks, plunging her dick inside of her mouth until her balls reached her lips. Alice stroked herself until she was stiff, and then slid it deep inside of the butterfly’s tight tranny ass, filling it up with cum over and over again while she rammed it deep. Both of their big tits bounced up and down while they slammed hard against each other on the grass, as jizz oozed out of her asshole right before Alice emptied her last load inside of her butt. She left her in a mess, and went on to a new adventure!

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Squirting Slave Gets It In The Eye

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Squirt Bukkake

Click here to watch Kyle’s wet n’ wild sample video from Squirt Bukkake.Com! He seems to have gotten a few drops of girl-goo right in his eye, but his big, fat hard-on reveals that he’s more than raring to stuff it up the girls’ cunts. Too bad for him that the babes have the upper hand, which means that all he can do is lie there and wait for their hot pussy cream to gush out onto his face. Which isn’t a bad deal, considering that he doesn’t have to do most of the hard work!

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Half Brazilian, Half Italian

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This shemale hottie and her lover couldn’t wait to get their hands and cocks on each other and they didn’t even make it to the bedroom. They got down and dirty right in the bath tub while we got all the hot and steamy action on film. He tongued her tight ass until her shecock was hard and throbbing. And when she took his thick man meat in her warm mouth, she took him as far down her throat as she could over and over until he was ready to explode. But this stud wasn’t stopping until he had buried his shaft in her tight ass. He got behind her and spread her chubby cheeks apart before sliding his thick dick deep inside her fuckhole. The more this stud pumped and fucked that tight shemale ass the more this shebabe moaned and stroked her girl pole until they were both spewing their creamy hot loads in bliss.

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Leandra Lee Fucks To Find Mr. Right

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Leandra is looking for the right guy. With no boyfriends, she could be so damn picky! But being picky doesn’t mean she’s not horny. Leandra has an abidin motto: taste the goods first before committing.

Leandra Lee Fucks To Find Mr. Right

So here’s this chick screwing every guy she dates. If she gets fucked the way she wants to, she will see him as a potential mate. But during the process, she learns how to suck cock and gets her pussy worked up as her many dates try her on for size!

Yuko – Fuck Her Like a Woman

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Yuko is a brand new addition to Shemale Japan! She’s 24 years old and one of the most passable cross-dressers I’ve ever seen. She only dresses as a girl part-time, but when she does, she always turns heads. In bed, though, Yuko always likes to be treated as a woman. She loves having her tight ass penetrated while she jerks off at the same time. This is the best way to get her to cum bucketfuls.

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Busty May lifts her skirt to show off white panties

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I’m not be your typical Oriental babe, I’m not your sweet, slim and subservient China doll type, I’m more of a fuller figured, big busted, big personality and big cock kinda girl. But I still carry all the exotic and erotic sexiness of super hot Asian chick. Even in one of my traditional Oriental outfits I still ooze sex appeal and attitude. I put it down to my extremely versatility nature. In this modern Japanese style Kimino I can happily be your submissive Geisha doll, flashing my cute white panties, or your dominant Asian mistress, walking all over you gripping onto a raging hard on, in my big red pumps and black hold up stockings.

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Badass Chick Is An Expert Meat-Beater

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Fucked Up Handjobs

Mason looks like a real badass hottie, and she can certainly squeeze and tug anyone’s hard-on to submission with a few deft flicks of her wrist! This gal’s got a knack for delivering excellent handjobs, and before the video’s over you’ll be wishing that she’s the one who’s milking your boner. Watch this trailer from Pounded Up Handjobs.Com and see how stunning she is at pounding her lover’s meat and extracting his hot splooge afterwards. All this while her juicy muff is in his face!

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Cock Check Please

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ladyboyplayerAt first glance I knew I had to have Yoyo. Her Awesome tight body and nice firm tits… check please! After staring at her for a while I was ready to go with her before I even called her over to talk. However, I had to do my `cock check` before we left and I have to say I wasn`t disappointed. When I slid my hand down into her underwear her cock was already raging. I asked her why she was hard already and she said she was horny and wanted to cum.

We got back to the room and as soon as the door closed she attacked me. She couldn`t get my cock in her mouth fast enough and it was only a matter of seconds before I had her out of her clothes as well. She definitely had some good sexual energy. She was very aggressive and I had a great time with Yoyo. If you happen to be in Pattaya and want a good time, go to Obsessions on Soi 2 and take Yoyo for a spin… you won`t regret it.

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Bat Lair Lust

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Jumping teen trannies, Batgirl! Robin was back in the bat cave checking out some new weapons when Batgirl walked in on him. Robin had a strange anal probe in his hands, which hadn’t gone unnoticed by the mask tranny heroine. Being a playful soul, and knowing Robin’s homophobic and yet camp tendencies, she took the opportunity to be suggestive and tease young Robin about his new found phallic toy. Robin was easily annoyed and made shy, but the streets of Gotham were quiet and Batgirl was in a restless playful mood, so she continued to tease teeny Robin and flashed her huge Batgirl boobs at him. Even Robin has a horny point of no return, and he was finding it hard to resist Batgirl’s inviting curves, so no sooner had she unleashed her biggest weapon of all Robin was down on his knees getting his tights dirty, sucking on her swollen tranny cock head. Despite Robin’s willingness to please batgirl, and his excellent deepthroat oral skills, Batgirl liked to show off her superior strength and she span Robin around, put him into a lock and force fucked his smooth pale behind, making him wince and moan with every deep, ass splitting stroke. Finally batgirl couldn’t hold back any longer and she withdrew her bare cock from Robin’s pulsating stretched ass, and forced it into his mouth for him to suck up every last drop.. Like every good partnership, Batgirl always knew about ‘give and take’, and she dropped to her knees to milk Robin’s teen cock all over her large juicy breasts.

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Crystal Clear in “Clearly Turned On”

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Crystal Clear graces us with her busty presence yet again. And blessed art thou for she is wearing a sexy see-thru bit of lingerie and has brought her very own fuck-toy to play with. Crystal loves the hot lights and having the camera pointed at her. She knows she drives you crazy as she slowly slips out of her clothes, slowly revealing those mega-tits and that plump ass. In today’s clip, Crystal’s not holding back and showing you how she gives herself pleasure when she’s in noman’s land. Watch her use both hands to pleasure that sweet pink pussy. One hand to spread the lips, the other to do the pleasuring. All this leads up to her messy climax with her dildo. You can’t be a big breast lover and pass this one up.


Babe gets hard lesson from mistress Mandy Bright

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Nikky Thorne was a bad bad girl and her mouth got a bit too loud after fisting tons of stupid whores over at TeachMeFisting so we decided to give her a little lesson too. The best part is that our most cruel teacher Mandy Bright partnered us in this scheme! So we got Nikky bound to a chair during a shooting and left her alone with Mistress Mandy. As soon as Mandy stepped in the room Nikky knew that she will have to bear hard times from now on…

mighty-mistress mighty-mistress mighty-mistress

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Guilty By Association

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Being famous comes at a cost especially if you aren’t so nice to everyone. Sienna finds herself in a virtual world that she didn’t order. Over the past couple of years virtual technology has allowed those that can afford it the opportunity to enter into simulated dreams. In this dream, Sienna is sent into Jordan’s world where she gets punished in the ass for all her misgivings to others.

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Happy Valentines Day Bareback

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Bell is barebacked on a bed of rose petals! It’s Valentines Day and Bell has a surprise for you. She’s decorated the bed with red roses and put on her cutest red lingerie. Now that you’re home the real fun can begin! Bell teases you, then sucks on your cock while stroking. With your cock nice and wet Bell climbs onto for bareback penetration. Impaling herself reverse cowgirl, the pounded doggystyle. The finish is missionary position with sperm pumped all over Bell’s gaping spread ass!

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Anal teen angel Una

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Just look at Una, she’s eighteen, and so horny! She carries all the curiosity of her youth… and wants to try new things. So when her boyfriend wanted to try anal sex with her for the first time, she said okay, and there they were, getting all aroused and working on her butt, probing first with fingers, then with his hard cock too!