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Christine and Priya in the library

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Features: Christine and Priya

Christine and Priya have to study. Christine is looking thru Priya’s Wolford pantyhose collection and Priya knows that means no studying will get done. It an attempt to get some work done Priya makes Christine go to the library. It is too late. Wearing the exquisite designer pantyhose, Christine can only think about one thing… SEX!


Lovely uniformed ladyboy gets to naughty role play

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Do you have a thing for girls in school uniforms? How about a girl with ‘something extra’ in school uniform? So what gets the blood rushing to that large cock of yours? Is it the way I walk across the room in these cute school girl heels? Or how I slide onto the bed in these innocent white stockings, with cute hearts all the way up my long smooth tanned legs? Or is it the way my tartan school girl skirt raises over my ass as I crawl on all fours? Or how I slide my tiny white panties to one side and let my large erect cock fall out? Or how I look deep in your eyes as I stroke it up and down waiting for you to go down on me?? Mmmm, I think it’s all of the above..

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Her gaping assholes

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Hi ya, I’m Milana, and in this gallery you can check out my anal adventures with Oliver Strelly.


One day I went to get a tan in the solarium, but when I finished Oliver was there stroking his stiff cock and he wouldn’t give my clothes back. I was pretty annoyed, you can imagine. But that didn’t last long, coz soon we ended up having the hottest hardcore ass fucking. See the whole thing for yourself!

Squirting bucket with Jack Lawrence

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Jack was in a peverted game of Truth or Dare with a mob of sick and twisted lesbians. One girl asked him a question that he was not willing to answer and he was quickly dared to get squirted on. ‘No problem” , he replied, as the first lesbian unleashed a good size amount of pussy juice on his face. Too bad for him, the flood of juices didnt stop, as the next girl stepped up to the plate and had her turn. By the end of the scene Jack was sorry that he had not answered that question.

Teen Shemale Threesome

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School is out and the cute girls are sitting on the couch tossing their hair and feeling bored. They all know what they want to do but no one is willing to come right out and say that they should have sex. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them but these girls are actually shemales with big cocks swinging between their legs. They all know it and they want to fuck so it’s only a matter of time before their big shemale tits come out for exploration and pleasure. Once they’ve got their teen tits hanging out it’s mere seconds before the shemale cocks make an appearance to be fondled, licked, sucked and stroked into full erection. These girls love to play hard cock games and nothing feels as good as a shemale fuck chain with two assholes banged at the same time. Sucking is tasty too and when the ladies finally cum they blow their loads all over lollipops. That way when they suck them they get a delicious cum flavor in their mouths. That turns them on more than anything else.

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Beer Bongs & Deep Throats

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Alcohol is flowing freely and girls are everywhere. This bash is off the hook, we have the beautiful Rachel Roxxx going in the underground world of College Bash, and let’s just say that people are going wild and so are the other performers doing a hell of a job exciting the crowd.

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Bell Cumshot Facial Multiple, Double Vaginal, Rough Sex

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Actions: Cumshot Facial – Multiple, Double Vaginal, Rough Sex
Run Time: 28:17

Raven-haired Bell is ready to take the MILF test. This full-bodies babe is given two studs to play with. Sitting backwards in a chair Bell is given a cock to suck on while the other guy licks away at her pussy from behind. After a while they swivel the chair 180 so they can switch off ends. Fed up with licking, the guy from behind starts fucking. I love her body, it is a filled out, lush fuck toy. They swivel the chair a few times more.

Sitting on the chair normally, they hold her head so she can feast on both cocks. Then one of them starts fucking her again. They switch off having plenty of fun in the chair.

While sitting on the floor they face fuck Bell and fuck her from below. Her body reminds me of former start Chasey Lain. The cock-hungry whore fucks and sucks in several positions on the white-covered floor. Bell’s body was made for pounding. About 21 minutes into the video magic strikes. They double-penetrate Bell’s accommodating pussy. I love it when one of the boys says “Shut the fuck up” during the double-cunt thrashing.

Back in the chair they fuck Bell’s exercised pussy. Each guy drills her hard several times. You can tell Bell is a bit spent after her double-pussy penetration, but like a trooper she pushes on.

They pull her off the chair to the floor. A cock is being stroked frantically from both sides as the guy from the right holds her black hair in a death lock. With her eyes closed and mouth open she takes the first blow from the right. She opens her eyes occasionally. The stud from the left lets his much thicker, white jizz spill onto her face and some into her mouth. jizz also dots her left eyebrow and forehead. Bell did a splendid job of up holding the MILF principals.

Very anal lover lesbian orgy

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lez-cutiesThe two young girls Ivanka and Ashley we so busy with each other they haven’t noticed Verunka entering the room. The two were cuddling and kissing, engaged in a heavy tongue fight, touching each other… Suddenly, Ashley felt a squeeze on her bum and was surprised since Ivanka’s hands were groping her pert tits. Yes it was Verunka, who did not want to be left out! The three gals ended up fingerfucking each other wildly…! Watch this anal lover lesbian orgy with 3 skinny girls.

Dance around a pole

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Aletta Ocean was practicing for the night, she would give a pole dancing show once or twice a week, and she hadn’t prepared for that night’s show yet. Her friend, Blue Angel went to that bar, she had nothing to do and didn’t want to be bored so decided to visit her friend at her workplace to get herself and Aletta Ocean entertained. Aletta Ocean told her not to disturb her but Blue Angel said she wanted to try what it’s like to dance around the pole. Aletta Ocean let her do it and as she was watching her she felt that her pussy became hot and wet. She though Blue Angel won, she seduced her, and they had great sex in stead of practicing.

Carmella Santiago Strokes Out His Cum

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Fiery young Latina Carmella Santiago sits on her bed and answers some questions, her small natural tits already hanging out of her top. She stands and removes her jeans to show off her fine ass and hairy pussy before being joined by a horny and naked dude.

Carmella Santiago Strokes Out His Cum

He lays beside her on the bed and he oils up his hard cock so she can stroke him off. She talks dirty as she wanks his rod, and she plays with her wet snatch as she plays with his dick. She kneels in front of him and jerks him off with both hands until he finally blows his load into her open mouth, and she dribbles his hot cum down her chin.

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Destiny & Cecilia Fisting

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Destiny & Cecilia
Run Time: 39:39
Actions: Fisting

WOW!!!! Destiny and Cecilia Vega in a same movie, I feel like I hit a jackpot. These girls are cute enough by themselves but combine them together and you have yourself a sexbomb of a movie and this is exactly that.

Two of best brunettes on perfectgonzo performing in a fisting scene;therefore, i give this scene


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Cream A Holic!

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Miss Kingston takes a king-sized sperm blast after she dusts and polishes her man’s thick n’ throbbing fuck-knob. Her perfect ass grinds down on his ‘nads and makes him dump a ridiculously massive wad right on her lovely face!

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Susanne Toys Anal, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing Single

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Actions: Toys – Anal, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Single
Run Time: 25:49

The scene starts with Susanne wearing a sexy black t-shirt and a small orange tanga. She looks hot. She has a gorgeous face, a nice little body and a piercing in her pussy.

She gives an excellent blowjob without using her hands. After that we jump directly to the anal action: reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and doggy-style. Finally she takes a colossal load of spunk in her mouth, but she doesn’t swallow it

A short and good scene